Amaama to Inazuma – 07


The Gist: after months of little sleep, Kouhei is finally down for the count! Worried but armed with street smarts only a bright 6 year old can muster, Tsumugi leaves their apartment and makes her way to the restaurant.

Unfortunately, Kouhei is not especially happy with her brave success and, after finding her with Kotori, loses his temper. It takes some time but all returns to normal after a meal and understanding.


The Verdict: this week was a return to top form for AtI. It absolutely nailed the imagination and problem solving of a young child and it did so with tremendous charm. Tsumugi’s shark song was pure joy to watch!

This week also nailed the absolute terror a parent feels when their child has disappeared, and the back and forth conflict that ensues when that child doesn’t understand the danger or anger for their ‘good deed.’ Smeary tear face tantrum and all.

As my fellow reviewers would say, this had all the feels.


Mob Psycho 100 – 06


The Gist: Ritsu continues to obsess over not having powers like his older brother, which leads him to join a sketchy psychic research group. After meeting their underpowered stars and ongoing frustration, he breaks down and helps the student council vice-president frame a delinquent for stealing the girls’ recorder heads.

Meanwhile, Mob detects a sketchy adult with psychic powers, the muscle club members welcome the delinquent into their ranks, there’s a whole lot of misunderstanding about shadow leaders of Salt & Vinegar middle schools, and finally dimple appears to have returned. (witnessed by Ritsu no less)


The Verdict: MP100 is currently juggling seven narrative threads and each got a little development this episode. Unfortunately, while a lot of ‘stuff’ happened, none of it carried any drama, humor or urgency.

Why should we care about the reveal that Ritsu has powers? It’s a darkly dramatic reveal — obvious due to his anger — spliced between scenes of slap stick and a ludicrous art style. MP100 is entirely the wrong format for seriousness.