DAYS – 07


The Gist: Kazama finds his love for soccer again, only to realize that fun isn’t enough while watching Tsukamoto death-race laps around the campus on their day off. Tsuka doesn’t have his skill and if he doesn’t give it his all, it will all slip away in a second.

Later, in Seiseki’s semi-finals round with a brutish team in blue, Tsuka is sent in to wear out the competition. He does and almost even heads a ball into the net but is kicked in the face instead. This bad form, and the wear and tear he’d done to the other team’s stamina, is enough for Seiseki to pull out a revenge victory. Captain-kun even calls out this importance, only elevating Tsuka’s desire to belong via working his butt off.

The Verdict: This is the formula we’ve seen each week. It is effective and, because next week’s antagonists were introduced around the action of this week’s match, the formula has stayed fresh.

However, Days is a very simple formula and the cast has yet to really blossom beyond Tsuka, Kazama and the Captain. Will it last? Only time will tell…