Amaama to Inazuma – 06


The Gist: after a few missteps, the entire cast finally ends up in the restaurant together for a fun meal. Even Yagi, who just sort of appears via an invitation from Tsmugi.

This time they are making Gyoza and preparing the meal brings AtI’s typical charms. However, Yagi and Shinobu bring significantly more skill to the table. Shinobu notices this and, after a chat with Kotori, decides she’ll stay out of their fun for the most part. The experience is, after all, as much about these 3 damaged people having a family moment, as it is about the food itself.


The Verdict: at its worst, AtI is heart meltingly charming with a recipe-a-weekas a do it yourself bonus. But at it’s best, it captures the intricate emotions and nuances that separate us by age and experience with a masterful hand.

While we got to see a little more of Kotori’s inner workings, and the understanding Shinobu can muster as a psudo-mother herself, but this episode played it safe, as the majority of episodes have. Thank goodness heartwarming is good enough!