Amaama to Inazuma – 06 (Error Edition)


The Verdict: it took me an embarrassingly long moment to realize my copy of this week’s episode carried the subtitle track of this week’s Re:Zero — and was not actually making a pop culture reference in real time.


So I actually don’t really know what happened this week. At least, not in a way that wasn’t hilariously funny in a totally unintended way…


Mob Psycho 100 – 05


The Gist: Hanazawa pounds on Mob in a desperate attempt to make Mob use his powers. When this fails, and when Mob points out they are both meaningless losers without their powers, Hanazawa chokes Mob out.

Which results in Mob’s inner darkness taking over and utterly obliterating the school, HanazawaHanazawa’s hair, and then building it back afterwards.

Also Dimple is destroyed and we learn Mob lost his control once in the past and caused some high school bullies serious injury. Both of these points cause Mob some upset. He even looks around town for poor Dimple in the rain.


The Verdict: While the action ramped up, the very nature that Mob didn’t want to use his powers (and really didn’t, except for his short 100% unconscious beat down) bled the life out of this week’s battle. Sure, there was internal conflict aplenty but that didn’t carry through what was otherwise a visible action sequence.

The episode wasn’t helped at all by a lack of humor either. This was, by and large, due to the episode focusing on a fight sequence. Meh?