Tales of Zestiria the X – 05


Last week’s TZX left us hanging, with apocalypse apparently upon Ladylake, but this episode made no attempt to arrest that suspense in any way. Indeed, this week’s story may well have been in another world than the adventures of Sorey, Alisha & Co., but I didn’t mind, because it was so goddamn awesome.

TZX has proven adept at embellishing simple scenarios with its imposingly gorgeous production values, and does not stray from that M.O. here. This is a simple prison break for the episode’s protagonist, Velvet Crowe. But it’s a prison break given great weight by how it’s presented and more importantly, why she’s breaking out.


Trapped in the lowest dungeon for three years fighting and absorbing daemons into her left arm, Velvet receives a sudden visit from an unlikely ally: Seres, a former(?) Malak of her nemesis, Artorius. I loved how Seres would land softly on her feet no matter how hard Velvet tossed her.

Once they’ve climbed out of her vast cell, Velvet and Seres immediately face a group of exorcists, and Velvet demonstrates the results of all that daemon-eating by taking them all out herself.


The duo reaches a storeroom where Velvet dons her sexy, elaborate armored pirate outfit and finds a gigantic Tempest Blade. Shortly thereafter, the blade’s owner shows up, also breaking out of jail. Velvet claims finders-keepers, but will give the guy his blade back if he joins the party; he agrees, and the duo becomes a trio. There’s a great satisfaction in watching Velvet clear each hurdle and build a party that will facilitate her escape.


Rather than fight wave after wave of exorcists with no distractions, Velvet has Seres open up all the cells, and the prison becomes a chaotic battleground between the escaped daemons and exorcists, allowing Velvet to reach the top of the tower.

There’s a definite tinge of “badness” to Velvet and her party that’s not present with the innocent goody-two-shoes nature of Alisha, Sorey, and Mikleo. These guys, particularly Velvet, have been through some shit, and they’re going to do whatever it takes to survive, even if it means a big collateral body count.


TZX also breaks out its “dramatic vista unfolding” to show us how isolated the prison tower is, upon a rocky island surrounded by ocean. Velvet isn’t going to let a steep drop stop her, and she uses her daemon claw to slow her descent. Rather than a pancake, she survives the drop with a dislocated shoulder she nonchalanetly pops back into place, and which Seres (who teleports down) quickly heals.


So…they’re out of the prison. But how to get off the island? As fortune would have it, a ship is approaching, and it would seem that Velvet’s nemesis is aboard, meaning a huge confrontation is imminent. And thanks to the game-like previews, we learn that we won’t be switching immediately back to Sorey’s story next week. I haven’t mentioned those previews yet, but I like them, because they allow the characters to take a breather and let their hair down a bit.

And despite Velvet looking for all the world like a tortured villain, the fact she’s seeking revenge for a guy who killed a kid to become stronger (and is now considered a savior) is all we need to know her heart is in the right place: seeking to avenge the innocent and week from those whose heads have grown too big to do the same. And as a quick look at her Wiki indicates, she’s the heroine of Berseria.


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Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

4 thoughts on “Tales of Zestiria the X – 05”

  1. Amazing insight and analysts once again! I really enjoyed the episode (the art and visuals were fantastic!) but was very confused. I read the bit at the end and decided to do some research. I know different medians can do different approaches with a single story but based on what I found they are showing us completely different eras of events as far as the games go. Additionally all of the promos I have seen up until now doesn’t show the main characters in this episode, except Seres and her clothes remind me of someone (how do you put spoilers in comments? ;P). Did I miss something that said “from long ago” in that episode? Thanks for the review!

  2. Velvet’s the protagonist of the upcoming Tales of Berseria game, which is a prequel to Tales of Zestiria. Berseria will be released in Japan in a week’s time ; this ep and the next will be crossovering with events from that game.

    1. Ah, so the game itself isn’t even out yet…I see.

      I’m interested to see if this is merely a detour to promote the new game, or if next week’s episode will start to tie Velvet’s story with Sorey’s.

      Mind you, the parallels are already there: Sorey is the vessel for a Seraphim, Lailah, while Velvet is the vessel for a daemon. Sorey’s support includes a magic-using Seraphim (Mikleo) and a knight (Alisha); Velvet’s is a magic-using “Malak” (Seres) and a swordsman (Rangetsu).

      1. Oh wow, interesting. Considering the game is a distant prequel (according to the website and info) to the current time frame I was also curious if it was just a “detour” as you mentioned and has no impact or if they were going to ignore the huge time gap and try to weave them together. To be honest, since we are speculating, Velvet reminded me of Lailah, but with shorter hair and similar clothes (like a younger version), and that the Daemons and Malaks were the precursors/same as, Sorey’s Hellions and Serephim, just called something different in different times.

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