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I never thought it would happen, but Macross Delta actually made me care a little bit about one of the bad guys. A big part of why is because he’s unsure the direction his people are headed it. Cassim is on the wrong side of 25, and knows full well the king is now Lloyd’s puppet. Like Hayate and Freyja, whom he invites into a storehouse where he’s thinking things over, he’s not exactly sure what is the right thing to do.


I especially liked when Freyja showed up first and they just shot the Windermerean breeze, so to speak. When Hayate shows up, he’s not hostile, but sees that these two like each other and worries for them, as he worries for the future in general, which for him, is far shorter than he’d like. He also worries for his son back home. Lloyd may be hell-bent on galactic domination, but Cassim just wants to die happy, assured his family will be safe and prosperous when he’s gone.


It’s good to see Hayate and Freyja trying and largely succeeding in moving past the awkwardness of his father’s past, at least for now, and dedicating themselves to working to support one another, along with their respective teams, Delta and Walkure.

Freyja is back to her ebullient self when she joins her groupmates by the Protoculture structure for a tactical show kicked off by Mikumo, and the structure starts to react immediately. Interestingly, Lloyd lets them sing, which suggests…maybe they shouldn’t be doing something he’s okay with?


Freyja’s fold waves mesh with Hayate and make him a better wind-rider, able to keep up with Keith in the skies. But the song and aerial battle get progressively more intense and chaotic, with both Freyja and Hayate seemingly going out of control—perhaps the very reason Lloyd let them play on.


Even more troubling is that after Heinz sings his Song of the Wind, nearly causing Hayate to succumb to the Var, Freyja essentially shorts out after going into a trance. Then Mikumo goes into a trance of her own, recalling old, buried memories of being some kind of test subject (of course) before restarting a song so strong and assertive it even knocks out Heinz’s song—as well as his clothes— before she passes out.

The episode kinda leaves us hanging with her collapse, following it up with an ending sequence that looks for all the world like a Mikumo tribute. Is this it for Mikumo? What exactly did she and Walkure do that seemed to play right into Lloyd’s hands? Will Freyja, Hayate, and Cassim ever figure out what exactly is the right thing to do?


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  1. How Freyja wandeted off only to accidentally meet Cassim is a bit of an idiot ball, but I will forgive that. An interesting thing to note is that, at the end of their little “chat”, it was hinted that Cassim might have actually known Wright Immelman, though it is still unclear whether he just heard of him or is in fact also acquainted with him.

    Even more troubling is that after Heinz sings his Song of the Wind, nearly causing Hayate to succumb to the Var, Freyja essentially shorts out after going into a trance.

    I think, it was actually Freyja who caused Hayate to show those Var-like symptoms. It was hinted in the previous episodes that her singing has that weird effect on him, including that whole “mind infection” scene where his brain cells go from green to pink, which is also characteristic of the bar.

    As for Mikumo, that reveal that she is some sort of test subject for an experiment to trigger the structures makes her parallels with Frontier’s Shery Nome even more obvious. And considering that it is only now where they are starting to unravel her backstory, I think that that whole “tribute song” bit at the end is just a red herring and that she isn’t actually dead yet.

    And this is I think this is why Lloyd actually let Walkure sing to the structure, becaus he seems to be aware that both Mikumo and Freyja actually have a lot more power to control the protocultuyre ruins, more than Heinz. Sadly, this turns Heinz into an expendable pawn that Lloyd will likely get rid of once he gets his hands on the two girls.

    1. Well, one thing’s clear: No more Freyja OR Mikumo simply wandering off whenever the mood strikes them. If they fall into Lloyd’s hands, it might be all over.

      Then again-and this is just a wild theory-perhaps the song of one of the two singers (or some combo of them and Heinz) may be the key to lifting Windermere from that winter, repairing the dimensional damage, and extending the lifespans of the planet’s people. That could be a way to redeem Lloyd somewhat.

  2. The novels and manga are giving lot of interesting info. I wonder the show will ever address it.

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