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Qualidea Code is a flawed show, but it’s showed signs of incremental improvement in the last two episodes. Lask week solved the “not enough peril” problem; while this week fixes Ichiya’s “boundless bluster” problem, delivering a much-needed dose of Canaria’s humility.

Indeed, while the turnabout in his personality was, uh, rapid, rapid change is possible in the midst of the person he cares more about than anyone else getting seriously hurt in a battle he instigated.


As the exterior peril intensifies, internal strife fades away for the good of the whole group. Thus Ichiya’s improved personality raises all boats, showing that when the going (finally) gets tough, he can count on his fellow heads and their subheads.

Ichiya presents this new-and-improved, common sense-armed self to the adult bosses, who endorse his plan to ally with Kanagawa and Chiba to defeat the Leviathan properly.

He’s learned his lesson, and hopefully retired his tired catchphrase “I’m all we need.” Clearly both he and they need more than just him; they need each other, working together.


His new plan for attack is neither nonsensical nor reckless; it is actually pretty by-the-book and straightforward, with each city playing to its strengths in an effort to distract, misdirect, and get through the armor of the Unknown.

Ichiya also leaves Aoi in charge of keeping an eye on Cana, who wakes up shortly after he departs for battle. She immediately sits up and gets dressed to catch up with him, but while Aoi tries to stop her, her fellow Tokyo broom-riders suggest a shortcut and for Aoi to accompany them.


Kazumi uses explosives and something called “dead space” to suspend their assault train into a position from which the ground forces can attack, while Hime surfaces her submarine carrier right beside the enemy to deliver a blow that still isn’t quite enough.

Turns out, the five fighting the battle can’t defeat the Leviathan without their sixth, Canaria, who comes in singing and buffing everyone around her. Realizing he’s stronger with everyone than all alone, Ichiya scoops up Hime and flies her to the spot she needs to get to to take out the Leviathan.


Remember what I said about QC being flawed? Well, while the peril is nicely pitched and the characters have gotten more interesting…the animation during the climax of the battle stinks, with the frame-rate dropping until it’s just a Powerpoint deck of still shots.

The show tries to pass this off as a “slowing of time” effect for enhanced drama, but actually has the opposite effect since at the end of the day, things weren’t really animated at a crucial part of the episode. The result was underwhelming and sloppy.

However, the episode makes up for that a bit with the aftermath, when Ichiya takes Cana back the hospital on his back and everyone celebrates a great victory….only for tragedy to suddenly, unexpectedly strike once more.


A post-credits scene with Ichiya and Cana has all the makings of a quiet epilogue to close the episode out, but for Asanagi’s shocked, pained reactions to seeing something on Aoi’s neck, indicating she, Cana, and the others who broke Cana out of the hospital went through a “no-entry zone.” We also see flashing red lights in the ocean, and one of those foreboding seagulls gets killed in the sky.

Just as Ichiya is telling Canaria he’s asking for a demotion that would swap their ranks, making her head, and telling her how he doesn’t care about anyone in the world as much as her, a huge mass falls out of the sky and smites Canaria. One moment, she’s there smiling, the next, a perfectly circular hole in the ground, and a spot of blood in the water.

I’m not sure exactly what happened here, and it surely adds to the mystery of what the adults aren’t telling the kids. But whatever we learn or however Ichiya deals, killing off a likable main character in the fourth episode is a bold move.


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Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

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  1. I found your site while feverishly looking for a bit of information saying she didn’t die. I was waiting for your post about the story going you knew something I didn’t in regard to the story. Either way I love your format and insight of your blog and will definitely be following it.

    So you really think they killed her off? No last second she was saved and we just didn’t see it for cliffhanger effect? Or maybe she is in another “space” and is trapped by the Unknowns? I mean I didn’t get the feeling of this being a drama/tragedy from the previous episodes so I’m holding out hope. I also can’t see Ichiya surviving mentally if she is really dead with all the focus of his purpose in life being too keep her safe. If she is dead though then no one is safe and my feels can’t handle it over an entire season so I’ll have to drop this one lol. Thanks for any replies/insight!

    1. Thanks for reading, and for your kind words!

      Given the hints about other dimensions, it’s possible she’s not dead. But that…thing, whatever it was, packed a wallop, and I don’t think Asanagi would have been so concerned or eager to get to Cana if her life weren’t at stake.

      There’s still too much we don’t know, but until we’re shown otherwise, I’m considering her dead. Then again, she almost died last week too, but this…this looked more permanent.

      1. Thanks for the reply! You are most welcome about my kind words though please know they were certainly earned. I really, really, really hope her death isn’t permanent. I really enjoy the anime but my poor little black heart couldn’t take such a loss; she was so cute! I look forward to your future posts!

      2. Dont you think there should be a power swap because kasumi powers suck and they make him weak hes the weakest of them all and you can’t win a fight against the unknown with just echolocation

  2. “So you really think they killed her off?”

    there is a 100% chance of her being dead. In fact, I knew she would die this episode when I saw the title of this episode in last week preview:

    “Canary in the Coal Mine” (miners used carry down caged canaries into the mine tunnels with them. If dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide collected in the mine, the gases would kill the canary before killing the miners, thus providing a warning to exit the tunnels immediately.)

    Having the name “Canaria” in an episode titled “Canary in the Coal Mine” is the ultimate death flag. She is 100% dead, and her death is going to drive the plot forward by serving as a warning of some kind.


    Names with special meaning are worth remembering. Ever since I saw the name “Canaria” I knew she would die, and that this show was going to go into dark territory.

    1. Alas, my heart grows heavier… I knew of the concept and also thought it was a play on Canaria’s name but for some reason I didn’t put too much stock into it. I’m not sure if I was worried about translation issues, if I was subconsciously avoiding the truth (heh), or took it as more of a warning (given her current state in the beginning of the episode) then a death flag but either way I didn’t go there. I just didn’t see this anime being all dark and full of bad feels. Then again after the stuff I read about another anime being reviewed on here (I won’t spoil anything) that totally threw me for a 1080 loop perhaps anime is going for a new “gotcha tend” – oh man I hope not. Thanks for the insight either way though!

  3. My name is shawn i think that the powers they gave the siblings is so stupid echolocation isn’t gonna get nobody anywhere fighting monster’s and sniping is my least bit of action they need to make them sronger there the weakest characters

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