Macross Delta – 17


As the oldest Windermerean soldier smirks at the fact only Lord Lloyd heard Gramia’s last wish—to press their fight until all the galaxy is theirs—Lloyd becomes more interested in Freyja and Mikumo. Targets to take out, or backup weapons in case Heinz falls prematurely?

Whatever his plans, it’s back to work for Delta/Walkure, as Arad and Kaname announce a new plan to infiltrate Vordor (where Var-immune rebel forces are still holding out) and try to find a way to use the ruins to their advantage. Freyja, meanwhile, has totally fallen for Hayate, who sadly seems only a quarter-aware.


Work Comes First this week, however, and it comes in the form of an elaborate Walkure network and media saturation campaign spearheaded by Reina as a huge, dazzling cover for hacking the galactic network in order to facilitate their infiltration of Vordor.


It’s Walkure’s most aggressive “tour” yet, able to appear seemingly in every planet in the cluster, and they turn up the heat by, for one, exploiting their sexuality, Makina’s in particular.

While discussion of objectification may crop up in some circles, the fact is Walkure chose to go in this direction; the military didn’t make them. This was all Reina and Makina’s scheme, and it works,


While watching Freyja sing and glance at him with a bright rune, Hayate starts to maybe-kinda-sorta pick up on all the lovey-dovey vibes emanating from Freyja. He gives her an, ahem, glowing review of her singing, and Freyja is this close to confessing her feelings.

What stops them? An elderly couple waving to her, before walking off, hand-in-hand. At that crucial moment, Freyja saw a future she’d never enjoy with Hayate. It’s the opposite of the Arwen-Aragorn tragedy, with Freyja leaving Hayate by death before he even reaches the middle of his life.

Things get more awkward when Hayate brings up how he hasn’t seen his Mom in a while, but it’s “no big deal” because it’s “just a couple of years.” That stings Freyja to the core, and her rune goes out like a candle.


Still, her work continues, and with even Windermeran pilots (and Bogue) falling for their spell, Reina’s hidden virus reaches 100% saturation, clearing the way for the Vordor operation.

Before they set out, Hayate runs into the guy who knew his dad, and after getting nowhere answers-wise, Hayate storms the bridge and confronts Arad: He wants the truth, now.


He gets it, or at least more of it than he’s ever gotten, and it’s nothing good: Wright Immelmann stole a dimensional weapon and dropped it on the NUNs garrison in Windermere, killing all the forces, a good number of civilians, and leaving that scar on the landscape.

Now he knows: his father was, at least according to the facts at hand, a mass murderer and war criminal, a realization that makes Freyja’s rune go darker than ever. It’s not a great place for either of them to end up after she’d gotten so close to telling him how she felt; now the love window has closed for the time being.

Freyja has her job, and so does Hayate. As Mikumo’s voice seems to be changing (and possibly weakening, suggesting she may be a secret Windermerean, nearing 30), Walkure will support Freyja while Mirage and Chuck will support Hayate. Because as long as King Heinz can sing, Lloyd’s not going to stop his galactic conquest.


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One thought on “Macross Delta – 17”

  1. While discussion of objectification may crop up in some circles, the fact is Walkure chose to go in this direction; the military didn’t make them. This was all Reina and Makina’s scheme, and it works,

    Yeah, that has got to be the silliest and most, er, sexualized Walkure “concert”. But it actually makes sense. Walkure is itselftechnically a military unit (of a private military contractor), so they would understandably be willing to use such underhanded tactics if needed.

    Lloyd’s musings about why humans, of all the protoculture-influenced races , have the longest life span presents an interesting picture for his motivations to wage war with them. It feels a bit of “I blame our Protoculture gods for being unfair to us”.

    And, man, this Freyja-Hayate-Mirage triangle is still very much alive. Damn, looks like we’re going to get a few more near confessions from the two girls before Hayate actually chooses. Hey, at least it won’t be as excruciating (I hope) as the Ranka-Alto-Sheryl triangle, where it took the second movie for Alto to actually choose someone.

    But I do like that they didn’t go all melodramatic with that reveal that Wright was the one who dropped that nuke on Windemere for whatever reasons. I like that Freyja never went on hating Hayate for the tragedy, instead it now looms as an elephant on the room that they both have to confront sooner or later,

    And as an amusing side note, while Bogue is probably the most outspoken of his hatred for Walkure of all the Aerial Knights, he ialso seems to be the one who gets mesmerized by them (as evidenced by one of this episode’s funniest scenes). So my guess is, he might become the one who will be most willing to defect to (or at least make peace with Walkure in the same vein as the original Macross’ Warera, Rori and Conda, should he fully understand why he is unconsciously smitten with their charms.

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