DAYS – 04


The Gist: Chikako Ubukata is a mean girl now. She used to have passion but after several rejections, she became jaded. This episode she meets and immediately dislikes Tsukamoto for all the obvious feelings his efforts bring up.

Along the path of coming to respect and like herself, Tsukamoto jogs a lot, defeats a mean guy from the judo club at soccer, and takes life seriously. It’s a well tread narrative thread and you can see her becoming the team manager a mile away.


“Haven’t you realized you’re the laughingstock of the entire class?”

The Verdict: time is everything and this week’s comedy was spot on. It was also dry as hell, with fantastic lines like “oh, he fell down.” Shovel on the warm-feeling of the under dog growing, getting better, and getting the respect he’s due, and you have the perfect balance for fun.


Nothing deep, no high art, no grand aesthetic. Just smooth watching. That’s more than good enough for me.