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Aside from a brief (and fairly pointless) visit to Windermere and a scene with Mikumo proposing they use the ruins to counter the Song of the Wind, this episode was given over completely to celebrating Freyja’s fifteenth birthday with a surprise party. As it’s the middle of a Windermeran’s lifespan, Maki and Reina wanted to make it special.

In other words, there’s no action whatsoever, nor is there any movement on the galactic war front. The episode is carried only by the characters, so how much you enjoyed it depends on how much you like and/or care about said characters when they’re not fighting (or singing) to save the galaxy.


I went on record as saying I liked how desperate things had gotten a couple weeks back when the lights went off on the Island Ship, but now that Elysion is docked with it, there’s little difference between the ship and being on Ragna, which kind of undermines the peril.

That said, I did appreciate the efforts made to expound on the Freyja/Hayate/Mirage triangle in a less stressful environment. At the same time, Mirage’s shopping “date” makes it clear Hayate is “denser than a black hole”, as his stalkers put it.


He’s aware that he has a special bond with Freyja (and even hears her song from afar), but he doesn’t come right out an call it romance, nor is he even a little aware of Mirage’s burgeoning feelings for him. Mirage plays the good friend to both, though, when the night of the party comes.

The party is when Freyja and the episode shine, as her story about when she discovered Earth music and started singing for her villagewas actually very moving. Her surprise and elation at everyone coming together for her sake was also infectious.


Finally, Hayate is very late to the party, but for a good reason: after a lengthy but fruitless trip to the mall, he realized the best birthday gift he could give her was home, in the form of snow. And if he realized how close he was to Freyja before, their little moment in the snow was likely the final nail the coffin for poor Mirage and her unacknowledged, unrequited love.

Then again, there were moments for both Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome when one thought the other had won the Alto Sweepstakes, and it ended up being a triangle that was never broken in Frontier. But in terms of who made the most of this brief respite from intergalactic warfare, I’m inclined to place Freyja firmly in the winner’s column.


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  1. I was also thinking that Hayate x Freyja has won over Hayate x Mirage, then l realized that these talks about Windermereians having short lifespans and Frejya wanting to do the thing she loves the most (singing), coupled with them showing that being a Wind Singer takes a heavy toll on Heinz,, might actually be setting one massive death flag for her.

    But I actually like how this episode subtly lays down some potential plot points amid a breather episode, such as that weird effect that Frejya’s singing had on Hayate, as well as the mystery behind Mikumo’s origins. I am guessing that she does have a direct link to the protoculture.;

    1. I really hope it’s a massive death flag. She’s gonna die when she’s THIRTY. Thirty is not old. Not even a little bit. Thirty is when a lot of people nowadays GET married, let alone anything else. The idea that, if they ended up together, she would have to be preparing to end her life during the time when he should be living his life is just depressing and horrifying. Hell, he could end up with Freyja, let her live to old age and die, and then go marry Mirage without missing a beat. And that’s screwed up.

      I’m not against the idea of short-lived aliens. Mass Effect has the Salarians, who are great, but also live to 40-50 I believe which is at least something, 30 is a joke. I am fairly against the idea of trying to promote a romantic relationship between people who can live to 100 or more (not sure what lifespan in Macross is at) and people who will die of old age at 30..

    2. Even if he was aware of Mirage’s feelings, it would be awfully annoying if he started hearing Freyja singing in his head every time he and Mirage tried to get hot and heavy…

  2. This is interesting :)

    To be honest, I have stopped at episode 7, and I haven’t even followed any reviews/summaries (to be honest, I landed on this page by misclick). But even without knowing anything at all, I’d be wlling to place a blind bet against you, for these reasons:

    1) Classic drama arc. You do NOT want to be in the “lead” in a triangle going into the final third of the show. This is when the eventual losers reign.

    2) It’s Macross. Here, the genki young ones always lose against the older, more serious competition. Even in Frontier, we had a clear Sheryl-Alto ending eventually.

    Let’s talk again when the show is over!

    1. Nah, Freyja has DEFINITELY won, for GOOD, and there is NO WAY Mirage will be able to come back from this. ;)

      In all seriousness though, no one has explicitly confessed to anyone else. Until someone does, or something happens to one of the two girls, things remain very much up in the air.

      But Freyja certainly won THIS round, while Mirage did precious little with all the alone time she had with Hayate. I for one hope she doesn’t give up the fight.

      1. My guess for this Macross inception (pretty much the kalerylan theory): Freyja and Heinz will do something awesome togther to eventually end the conflict and either die in the process or become unattainable to Hayate – maybe marriage? And Freyja will pass the baton of Hayate-care on to Mirage. You’ll see, Mirage will start catching up soon. That’s my clueless and blind guess based on 7 episodes and Macross history. There is a reason why the “Windermerians have short lives” info was repeated 2 times.

        Guess I’ll wait to marathon it when everything is available.

    2. There are a couple of things you ignore of Macross Delta if you dropped it on episode 7 (besides of Mirage’s large irrelevancy):
      1. Its draft, what Kawamori wanted to do didn’t have a love triangle or a war story. It was about pilots buffed by their idol girlfriends who were part of a school club. The sponsors forced a love triangle into the story when he expressly admitted he didn’t want to do it, and then he and his scriptwriters decided on adding the war story. The concept of Windermerians came from his idea of Freyja’s personality, to explain her characterization. A “heroine who would stake her whole life in the battlefield singing.” He’s pumped for Freyja and doesn’t hide it.
      2. Main heroine who meets the protagonist first always wins when Kawamori is writing (and he didn’t write the Macross show, he wrote the movie, where Misa was the first girl). All winner girls in Kawamori’s work always start strong and is a straight out domination (Misa wasn’t meant to be a love interest, this was added later by Network request. She was meant to be Global’s).
      3. Freyja is the face and the main heroine. Mirage is even more irrelevant than Mikumo. Freyja’s topping every popularity poll, Mirage’s lastly ranked after Kaname and Mikumo in the official survey. She’s pushed as the main star and Mirage looks like a secondary character.
      4. The main conflict is Windermerians vs Earthlings with the possibility of Hayate’s father as the one who nuked Windermere and gave Freyja her music player: Freyja and Hayate are bound by fate. They also share feelings through fold space like Sheryl and Alto in the Frontier movies. Another mark of Kawamori’s OTP. Even Mirage thinks their union is symbolic.
      5. Mirage tries to talk to Hayate who prefers to divert the topic and speak of Messer or Freyja. While he and Freyja understand each other and resonate.
      6. Second ending is Hayate’s journey to Freyja.
      7. Second opening has Mirage fading in middle of Freyja’s and Hayate’s fold resonance looking sad and irrelevant. Second opening last scene montage is Walkure, no longer Hayate and Mirage are present. Freyja is the middle and focus. Macross F(reyja).
      8. Meltran and part Zentraedi lose badly in romance. Look at Mylenne, Guld and Ranka.
      9. Mirage was the last character added to the story. Even her VA is unsatisfied with her and voices she’s completely outclassed in battle and love (note: forced love triangle. Or as Kawamori calls it: pale love triangle).
      10. Kawamori stated the love triangle will be different this time. He doesn’t want anything soapy or melodramatic, for one.
      11. Mirage is really immature if you compared to Freyja, even if she’s older because she doesn’t know what she wants and lets others burden her while Freyja is a free thinker and spirit who can defy her own planet to follow her will. Mirage’s portrayed as a “little sister figure” according to JUNNA. Freyja’s basically Jesus: the Singer. Who inspired Hayate and, according to him, “gave him wings to fly.” See Sheryl to Alto again.

      There is no balance between the characters. Mirage is almost created to make Freyja and Hayate look good for how shitty she is.

  3. Another thing that I found that was both weird and fascinating: King Gramia seemed like your typical ancient, grizzled, dying king in a big ‘ol bed…but he was once Ernest’s freaking STUDENT. And now Gramia is dead, and one of his top generals isn’t far behind him, with his partially frozen face.

    With the show so high on Freyja and Hayate *right now*, it could be construed as a death flag, but I doubt either she or Mirage will be dead by the end of this. I don’t even think we’ll get a time leap to fifteen years in the future.

    Instead, I wouldn’t be surprised if Freyja somehow orchestrated the End of Winter on her homeworld. That festering wound from dimensional weapons is something itching to be healed; if it is, it could potentially bring about a greener Windermere…and its people may enjoy extended lifespans as a result.

    Just a wild theory!

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