DAYS – 03


The Gist: Tsukamoto experiences his first scrimmage. He’s terrible, as you would expect, but his absurd stamina (and the fact that the other first years rise to follow that stamina) literally drives the other team into the ground.

When those same opponents continue to bad mouth Tsukamoto after the match, after losing 4 to 0, Kurusu let’s them have it:

“You punks just lost the our worst player and we’re proud of that!”


The nuisance of the various backstories and motivations for the team clicked effortlessly this week. Kurusu is here because he idolizes Kazama’s elegance from afar — but is annoyed by Kazama’s seeming lack of investment. Kazama is here because he’s naturally good but lost his love for the sport when it became a chore.

Tsuka is here because he just wants a place to belong, and that unquenchable thirst to belong AND be helpful, drives everyone else forward. At the end of the day, Tsuka is having fun. Ragged panting fun, but fun, and everyone else wants in on that action.


a little human centipede while you wait!

The Verdict: The use of CG players for the wide angle scenes works much better than expected, and the smaller animations (like the above centipede) are fluid and fun. Honestly, all the visuals are impressive, even though I know how they are cutting corners.

But Really, I can’t believe this show pulled me in and kept me in three weeks in a row! This is a simple underdog tale, where the underdog is playing on one of the best teams so he probably won’t ever sniff defeat. It is absolutely predictable in a way that should not be enjoyable but it is.