Battery – 01 (First Impressions)


The gist: Takumi Harada is a world class pitcher and his parents have just moved to the country side to live with his Grandfather. While his school team is not impressive, his Grandfather was also a quality pitcher, and Takumi stands to gain even if he doesn’t make the nationals.

While jogging, Takumi meets Gou Nagakura, a large boy who will be this years catcher. Gou’s mother also went to school with Takumi’s mother. So their lives quickly entwine.

Takumi also has a sickly little brother who wants to beat him at bases balls. Grandpa thinks this will happen but he’ll probably die late in the season for dramatic effect, just in time to turn Takumi around?


I’m not a big sports anime fan and, unlike everyone else at RABUJOI, I actively dislike baseball. Obviously, this limits my potential enjoyment of the show, which is otherwise about a stubborn grim faced teen who doesn’t talk much.

Battery suffers from having underwhelming sound. Not only is the background music forgettable, I had to re-watch the episode to see if there was music at all. I also found some of the audio a little ‘tinny’ like the sound booth had not been setup correctly and Grandpa’s voice work came off surprisingly amateurish. These are not game-killing issues just not good for a first impression.


The Verdict: this is the high school equivalent to Bud Lite. If you watch it in an air-conditioned room on a hot day, its average looks, sluggish story telling, and not especially interesting characters won’t bother you. It’s unclear what direction the show is going to take since this first episode’s focus on Ta & Go, saved technical exposition of baseball and school class building for later.

If it stays in the family drama realm, I’m not sure there’s much to hold anyone’s attention. However, if it focuses mostly on the baseball, it’s not an especially pretty show either. Lose x lose?