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Two Efidolg knights seem to have “gone rogue” in order to pursue their own personal ambitions against Earth. The first is Mirasa, who fights the Black Relic and GAUS units to a draw and escapes into the woods to regenerate. The second is “Muetta”, whose hair immediately indicated is Yukihime, or at least some kind of Efidolg clone of her.


As Takeyama High prepares for their cultural festival in the interests of maintaining normalcy and taking a break from studies and battles alike, Yuki looms over the episode like a silent wraith, crouched and ready to strike.

Yukina’s class decides to do an “Efidolg Forum”, what with three UN pilots in their class. Unfortunately, everyone else at the base is too busy to join the forum, so it’s just Yukina, Ken, and Sophie.


In a particularly clever bit of plotting, because one of the activities at the school festival is cosplay (with Mika switching her usual school uniform for another), Muetta is able to slip into the school without any trouble. Indeed, she’s commended for the craftsmanship of her armor and arms.


While Muetta closes in, Yukina and Ken have a grand old time at the festival, with Ken remarking that modern life itself has always felt like a festival to him, but this takes it to another level. Yukina asks him what he plans to do once he avenges Yukihime, because he has his whole future ahead of him (dundundunnnn).

Almost immediately after Yuki mentions how everyone has two doppelgangers, her Efidolg doppelganger leaps on the stage and charges at Ken, who is so shocked by the sight of her (having just seen her in the digitally altered photo of Yukina), he lets his guard down and gets run through.


The show, knowing we knew who this was all along, still expertly kept most of Muetta’s face out of the frame right up until the very end, when showing it had the most impact. And the camerawork of the stabbing is great stuff, with an extreme closeup of Muetta cutting to a dumbfounded Ken, who then falls to reveal an equally shocked Yukina.

Where goeth things from here? Hard to say. I wonder if Sophie can somehow suppress Muetta, and why Muetta stabbed him. Perhaps, like him, her memories had bene lost on Earth those centuries ago, but now they’re back and she’s punishing him for betraying their people?

In any case, this was quite the exciting cliffhanger to place between Kuromukuro’s two halves: the moment Ken’s two princesses met.


P.S. The rock band in the auditorium is playing the show’s opening theme, a cover of “Distopia” by GLAY.

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Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

4 thoughts on “Kuromukuro – 13”

  1. Netflix has officially released the 1st 13 episodes of Kuromukuro (billed as Season 1) with official subtitles for international viewers. If you’re a subscriber it’ll be worth binging to see how the show stands out overall. Hopefully the series will now get more attention.
    Their support board says they were considering releasing the remaining episodes weekly, although nothing’s been done yet.

    The normal fansubs for this have been very late because Kuromukuro’s translator has been very busy (13 and 14 were subbed by an anonymous person.). Macross Delta’s translated by a different person with a different schedule.

    1. I actually watched this 13th episode thanks to Netflix :)

      Due to the delaying of the 14th and likely future episodes, and the fact I have other shows to occupy my time (Macross, Zestiria, Qualidea, and Planetarian), I may simply put Kuromukuro on hiatus until the show is reliably available to binge at my leisure.

      The end of the first half seems like a good natural stopping point.

  2. The end sure’s a good stopping point!

    Does Rabujoi plan to cover the 2nd season of Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boei bu? I hear it was made because the 1st sold unexpectedly well.

    1. that’s an interesting idea… I enjoyed the first season a lot but I honestly have no idea what they would do with a second? I mean, the whole point of it was a double layer parody and now that the characters know they were on an alien boy-magic show…? Like I said, no idea what they’d do with it ;-)

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