Mob Psycho 100 – 01 (First Impression)


The Gist: Reigen Arataka is a fraud-psychic who relies on Kageyama Shigeo (aka Mob) to do the real exorcisms. In our first outing, he has Mob get rid of a minor spirit followed by a tunnel full of angry dead biker spirits and a ancient mountain evil. Mob succeeds both times and, while he notices Reigen isn’t really doing anything, he hasn’t caught on to the fraud yet.

However, according to the scene-bridge counter, he’s 27% towards his explosion…which is probably gonna be huge, judging from the incomprehensible action sequence at the cold open of the show.


Everyone’s going to tell you that you should like this show because it’s from the creator of One Punch Man, features an understated best-of-the-best hero who, like OPM, doesn’t yet appreciate how the world works around him. Some of the timing jokes are similar, as are the goofy, intentionally dumb character designs.

However, the only thing that is actually good about the show is Mob’s family and the short scene we get of them sharing his meal. His brother is a top student but underplays that, his dad appreciates his sons’ greatnesses, and the mother pokes at them all for ‘spoiling’ Mob, especially for bending spoons while trying to eat curry. It’s charming, quirky and fun in a way that makes me believe lightning can strike twice…

…Except the rest of the episode was unpleasant to look at, listen to, and the Fraud-Sensei/Mob Defeats Spirits formula is just not interesting.


They say this place is haunted by the spirit of a man who saw a cockroach and jumped so high his head went through the ceiling and he died! (apparently true!)

The Verdict: I’m holding out hope because of the counter and some of the humor but this is a hell of an ugly show. Visuals aside, Reigen’s archetype isn’t entertaining since, you know, we get that he’s a fraud from the get go and Mob doesn’t even have a personality.

Sure, there are moments of cute/weirdness, like Mob’s love interest being surrounded by girls with vegetable heads and the opening rock-counting to 100 is fun but…that’s not enough.



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  1. I was worried Mob would be riding off the back of OPM’s success. I truly hope that is not the case and the hype is real, but I keep hearing mixed reviews. Thanks for your objective opinion!

    1. It’s a huge challenge and I don’t think it’s a cop out or anything. It’s just very difficult to do what you’ve done before… but slightly different… and still be good. There were glimmers here, just no lightning.

  2. This series has a lot of potential, but it all depends on how BONES will execute it. Personally, I think the Mob’s story is more interesting than OPM’s with more fleshed out characters and development. There’s a good reason for all the hype beyond this being another series from the creator of One Punch Man.
    However, BONES seems to have problems with pacing, as seen with their My Hero Academia adaptation and my biggest concern is that they drag out the introductions and then rush the ending. There are some really great moments in store, but I don’t know how long it’ll take to get there.

    1. MP100 is ONE’s actual paying job as a manga artist. OPM is more or less still just a hobby with wildly irregular publishing. The Murada redraw is a bit more regular, but the story is already there. MP100 is published regularly and he actually have to put in more effort.

  3. Slight explanation on my criticism of Reigen’s character/use: if we know he is a fraud, and he is a fraud, and that’s repeated in the show over and over, no expectations are being broken… so there is no humor/joke to it. Just a ‘bad guy’ being a low level jerk to the protagonist.

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