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I enjoyed watching Chaos, Walkure, and Delta Platoon up against the wall last week, struggling more with staying alive and keeping their ships operable than anything else. This week’s focus on Windermere was, to be charitable, less successful and less engaging.

I’m all for putting “human” faces on the “bad guys” of the show, but…isn’t it a little late? I guess the point is to show that while Lord Roid, his puppet Heinz, and his loya, now one-eyed half-brother Keith, have become nothing more than dangerous fanatics who are going to lead their people off a cliff.

And not everyone is in lockstep with this direction. They have families they want to get back to. I wish I actually cared about these guys, but I don’t.


Heinz plays his part in Roid’s power grab, promising to carry on the good work of his father…but somehow I feel like King Gramia would have been fine if Windermere had simply conquered the globular cluster, which they’ve done.

Now Roid wants to take things further, using the ruins to resonate Heinz’s voice across the entire galaxy. And something tells me his golden goose’s crystal voice box is not long for this world, despite Heinz’s apparent heartiness this week. His dubious illness reminds me of the imouto from Hundred.


For an episode with a coronation broadcast galaxy-wide and a giant space battle, this episode felt oddly listless…a drag, even. Naturally, Keith’s brush with death, combined with…whatever Roid did to him, has made him able to read the space wind so well, he takes out an entire NUNS fleet by himself without taking a single hit from the enemy.

That’s pretty badass, but like everything with the short-lived, bulkily-dressed Windermereans, I wonder how in the galaxy they’re going to be able to sustain this. All I know is, Roid turned down peace. It’s galactic domination or bust. I wonder what Mikumo has in mind to get their worlds back.


P.S. I like the new OP, but not sure yet if I like it better than the first one. I think I just need to hear it more; preferably preceding better episodes than this one.

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4 thoughts on “Macross Delta – 15”

  1. THis has always been my issue with the show. I do not care about the villains, of which there are too many and too much time (or not nearly enough) is spent on them.

    Also… the single handed fleet destruction stuff seems straight outa Gundam. Not that I dig it there but I sure as heck find it uninteresting in Macross!

    1. Yeah, there was at least a semblance of tactics to the previous big battles, even if those tactics involved simply singing a really inspiring song.

      Here, Keith just blasts in on his own and aces a whole fleet–a fleet containing zero characters we knew or cared about. Disappointing.

  2. I think I am still not accustomed to Macross going all political, but it seems pretty clear now that Roid (I still think that it should be romanized as Lloyd) is now being painted as the big bad of the series with his “We’ll make Windemere great again!” speeches (hey, at least, he isn’t as axe crazy as the real life politician with that slogan)..

    And I’m guessing that Hayate’s dad was the one who ordered the nuking of Windemere before. Also, looks like Miumo is the Mcguffin for the series, which is good instead of Frejya getting that role. Im also expecting to see Keith and Hayate team up later near the end.

    1. Drat! I forgot to mention the cold close with that pilot being rescued in the debris field who knew Hayate’s father Wright. Not the most elegant way of introducing that particular plot point, but we’ll see where it goes.

      I also hope that Keith and Hayate team up. Keith has always seemed more admiring of his skills than antagonistic, and Heinz sure as heck isn’t going to question Roid’s extremist plans. If an Earthling can read and ride the wind so well, he can’t be all bad, right? Right?

      Also yeah, Lloyd makes much more sense than Roid…but he certainly seemed a bit ‘roided out during that Facebook Live speech! I also like how sedate the crowd’s initial reaction to all that yelling was. I wish he hadn’t won them over so easily.

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