Amaama to Inazuma – 02


This week set up and resolved the first social conflict between Kotori and the Inuzaka family — that Kouhei was not entirely comfortable spending time at a student’s restaurant, making meals for himself and his daughter, without first talking to that student’s parents.

At first, he tries to completely dodge the situation but an older teacher encourages him with tales of a gone-by era where teachers used to engage students outside of school. Also, Tsumugi is so completely enamored with Kotori that he can’t realistically unwind their encounter quickly.


After a rocky start, with Kotori’s mother having run off before team Inuzaka arrives, Tsumugi gets them moving forward. Kotori admits she is afraid the restaurant will close (her mother is a food expert on tv and rarely around) and she herself has none of the tools necessary to keep it going. She’s even afraid of knives!

By the end of the meal, Kouhei agrees to continue coming over but they must set some ground rules first. Stick to them or not, he’s in for a while if only because it makes his daughter smile.


heart melting: little girls with gigantic lion’s mane hair making food with cookie cutters!

The stakes were lower, and a little less happened this time out, but AtI remains a lovely show. This week had great little details, like Mugi seeing Kotori’s doodles under the counter and wanting to hang up her own menu.

Like the food itself, everything is warm, perhaps a little too cautious, but so warm. Like Mugi herself, I can taste the individual ingredients at work here and even at their simplest, that is fantastically more enjoyable than complex pre-packaged by the numbers show.