Onara Gorou – 01 (First Impression)


Onara Gorou is an efficient, budget production, single concept anime that runs for 3 minute. It’s about farts and, more specifically, Fart-san, who lives in an unnamed balding man who does not speak.

This week, a trio or delinquents are on the roof facing off against a trio of teachers. The joke is that each time the delinquents do something more delinquent, the teachers become less motivated to chastise them, to the point of not caring at all about smoking.

Then a Fart-man shows up, talks about Digestion, and the Delinquents vow to change their ways, sobbing.


Not counting deforms, there were roughly 8 frames of animation in this episode. (This includes 2 dedicated to diagramming the act of digestion and farting) It’s super cheap, and the art style is unpleasant, but it works for the tempo of the humor.

You may find Onara Gorou funny, at least as a one-off novelty, but I can’t imagine watching 12 during a season. There’s not enough to it.