New Game! – 01 (First Impressions)


Suzukaze Aoba is a nervous high school graduate beginning her career at Eagle Jump, a Japanese gaming company. She wants to act all grown up but quickly learns no one at this all-female-staff company is not all that grown up.

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Tepid is the best word to describe NG’s first outing. The cast is try-hard quirky, saccharine sweet, and as Aoba clearly being unprepared skills-wise for the job, the happy go lucky atmosphere sucks out any realism this show could muster.

God, there’s even an old cat and an angry middle manager who has to shoot air soft pellets at the Director to get her to come to an important meeting. No, just no.

At 9 members (so far) the cast isn’t too big to follow, but everyone is generic. There’s no real hook to the setting either — it’s played straight that she’s just a new hire at a game company working on the 3rd installment of her favorite franchise. No twists, and limited sense of realism too.


You will enjoy this if you enjoy blushing nervous girls who act sweet to each other. It is brightly colored and the animation is decent, when it animates more than message bubbles shared between the girls’ work stations.

You can skip this thing if you have literally anything else to do and/or don’t enjoy rubbing your eyes with sandpaper. It’s awful difficult to like Suzukaze’s personality… if social anxiety and adoration for her coworkers can be called a personality.



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  1. I read the manga for this series, and I can understand why you wouldn’t like it so much. There definitely isn’t much of a plot or character depth to follow. The art for the manga the top reason for its popularity and it frequently puts out colored pages that are as good as the anime which is a nice break from reading black and white pages. Aside from the animation, I don’t think there’s anything to be missed if you skip out on this series.

    On a side note, the person with the air soft gun wasn’t a manager, but that’s not too important since you’re skipping out on this one.

    1. Interesting to know the popularity angle for the manga. I’m not really sure what the Anime hopes to capture from that though… it’s a color anime, like 99.999% of all anime, and girls sitting at desks leaves very little room to show off ‘animation.’ Weird

      1. Well you do have a section in your review for “You will enjoy this if…”, and its not like there isn’t a market for “cute girls doing cute things”. There is also people like me who read the manga for reasons stated above, and watching the anime just cuz I read the manga. Sometimes shows with nice animation and zero plot/character depth is perfect for running on my second monitor while I’m focusing on my main monitor (mostly video games at home which is what I was doing when watching the first episode).

      2. fair enough. I was mostly confused by the selling point of the Manga being the color art aspect… which has no counterpoint when adapted to Anime.

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