Hatsukoi Monster – 01 (First Impressions)


The Gist: a spoiled but shy girl from the countryside moves to Tokyo to start a new life without people not influenced by her parents’ wealth. While unpacking, she chases a gift from her brother as it rolls into the street and is narrowly saved by a towering hottie, who scolds her for unsafe behavior.

She instantly falls in love but, after 10 minutes of filler, he wants her to know ‘the real him’ before they can date for real. His secret, which is revealed the following school day, is the most fantastically absurd twist of any anime this season, and it leaves her shaken to the core. Uncertain, but also unable to immediately break off the relationship, his classmates are introduced and comedy ensues…


You should check out Hatsukoi Monsters if you can make it through a dull opening act that is necessary to set up the greatest, most ridiculous reveal I’ve seen in a long time. The challenge it poses for their relationship is specific and hilarious, and the characters built around that challenge amplify the absurdity to full on belly laughs.

Seriously, while the trappings look like they will go purely generic, and the female lead is bland/fake cute, you owe it to yourself to reach the reveal — and do so without simply skipping the first half.


However, you may not stick with Hatsukoi Monsters, because the reveal and the setup have only one, very obvious, direction to travel for the rest of the season. And I’m not convinced the novelty can carry the show, which is not especially attractive, more than a few episodes.

But, for now, give the episode a watch. There are several better shows, but none of them have thrown a surprise like this!