DAYS – 01 (First Impressions)


The Gist: Tsukamoto Tsukushi is a friendly bashful boy who’s cheeks are constantly blushing. It’s the beginning of high school and he desperately wants friends. Tachibana Sayuri is his childhood friend, possible unrequited love interest, and older sister figure. Kazama is a blond athletic boy who’s great at soccer, who invites Tsukamoto out for a game on a lark.

After proving his unrelenting determination at the night game, and sharing his feelings on friendship with Kazama, Tsukamoto decides to join his high school’s soccer team, which is on the pro level. He blacks out during practices but, later, completes the initial training well into the night, again blowing Kazama’s mind with all his potential.

Roll credits…


You may enjoy DAYS if… you’re into sports anime, under dog stories, slice of life and/or lite high school friendship stories. This is predictable stuff, by all genre standards, with limited humor and an unstoppably earnest hard working protagonist you’ve seen in some form a million times before.

But it is drawn well and has a beautiful color pallet. (read: superior production value to Haikyuu!!, the last sports anime I reviewed)


You can probably skip DAYS… because there really isn’t anything remarkable about it. I appreciate that we saw a fair amount of this episode unfold from Kazama’s perspective, which hid Tsuka’s relatively simplistic personality and lack of charisma…

but Tsuka’s character still doesn’t have charisma or depth to justifying watching him grow and play many many games of soccer. Also, I hate his cheek blush as a style choice. (read: not as compelling a character as the psychos on Haikyuu!!)


The Verdict: The bromance and general low stakes suck me interest away. I’m also not a fan of watching football (though I enjoy playing it) and, no matter how pretty it is rendered here, I don’t see reviewing more on a weekly basis.

My initial score was a 5, because it is a very safe genre piece that you will enjoy if that genre niche is for you. Having rewatched the episode, I will revise that score to a 7, for technical execution — but still drop it from the roster.



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    1. I could add that Haikyuu! Season 2 burnt me the heck out on Sports Anime, which was already not my genre but yeah… 15 minutes in and I had nothing to say about the style, art, plot, framing, pacing and humor beyond ‘generic’ :(

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