Bananya – 01 (First Impressions)

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Bananya is a short format anime about a banana that peals itself open to reveal a cat. That cat likes sweets and dreams about one day becoming a fancy banana covered in chocolate and ice cream. At least, that’s what the narrator tells us.

While cute — reeeeeaaaaaaallllllyyyy cuuuuuutttteeee — Bananya has more in common with a meme than a show. There is no story, no jokes, nothing more than a cate/banana hybrid that makes cute ‘Nya’ noises. That may have been enough in 2001, when cheap flash animations were all the craze, but now?

Nah. Even at 3 minutes, this is a waste of time.



One thought on “Bananya – 01 (First Impressions)”

  1. But… but… Its a cat… inside a banana… how can’t you love it? Part of the 3 minutes is the theme song, so about a minute or two to just look at the cat in the banana once a week I think is excusable. You should totally do a review every week for this show with only a single picture and sentence.

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