Masou Gakuen – 01 (First Impression)

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The first frame os this episode tells you almost everything you need to know. Yes, it’s super soft-touch ecchi.

Yes, it’s a boy who’s only power in this mecha-fantasy world is to sexually excite ladies who have all the mecha-fantasy power to defeat CGI invaders that have destroyed the rest of earth!

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What’s good? Relative to the H-drivel it could be, Masou Gakuen is smart enough to make the ‘hero’ completely powerless in every way except to sexually excite the women who actually fight. Sure, it doesn’t get rid of the obvious harem-building but, at least, it means the WOMEN are powerful and he’s actually more like the female sexu objectu that fuel most standard anime.

What’s not so good? The animation is terrible, the cut I watched was censored, and even the uncensored version would be less exciting than the awkward sexual experiences most of us have in middle school. Honestly, watch ‘mermaids’ from last season, and you’ll get a face full of more boobs and etc than this cowardly lion sill shower you in.

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The verdict: there isn’t much reason to watch this anime. It’s badly drawn, laughably stupid, less sexy than any ‘adult’ show on Netflix, and there isn’t even a coherent plot setup in the first episode.

Seriously! You can find so much more, higher quality soft H/hard H anime online for free that this show doesn’t deserve your time. Even less so if you’re looking for a fun, or funny, anime to coast you through the season.



5 thoughts on “Masou Gakuen – 01 (First Impression)”

    1. My role on the staff is to cue literally every first episode available to see if I catch anything that would otherwise be missed. The thumbnail for this show was not descriptive of H/e and I usually don’t read any of the descriptions. Honestly, I stumbled into this one the same way I did mermaids last season.

  1. Apparently the source novel series’ selling point is its high levels of lewdness – one reader said it was like reading “borderline porno”.
    They say there’s an interesting story, but you have to wade through a ton of dirty stuff.
    Its writer was REALLY happy his series got an anime though!

    1. Lewd is a good description for this. The dialog has a decent level of dirty punning and snakiness about sex. (At least from the protagonist’s sister, who’s the commander of this school/island/base)

      So it has a setting, and people fighting in that setting, and the girls need sexual release to fight, but there isn’t really a plot here? There are evil skeleton mech monsters that attack, and everyone seems to accept this as normal, but the protagonist doesn’t seem to think this would happen, even though we see every non-japanese city in the world is burnt to ash.

      Meh? I can’t imagine a season sparse enough to justify watching this show.

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