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That’s all, folks; Hundred is over! At least its first season; there’s no mention of a second but certainly talk of “more things happening in the future” which could be just that; talk. And we never learn why hundreds are called hundreds…I guess they just thought “hundred” sounded cool? It kinda does!

Anyway, if this is the last episode, it goes out with a bang; several bangs, in fact, from Vitaly’s hand cannon. She only uses one of the three hunter “tools”, Nakri, to get through an electrical security barrier. After that, a revived Mai-Mai trades gunfire and forces her to flee. So yeah, about all those possibilities with the three conditioned Hunters on her side…that didn’t pan out.


In fact, Vitaly’s grand master revenge plan comes to a screeching halt just as quickly as it totally overwhelmed the rest of Little Garden’s defenses and Slayers…all thanks to Judar. Seems like she has some kind of romantic past with him (gross!) and the reason she’s here is because she’s A Woman Scorned.

Ultimately, she just wants to kill Liza by shooting her. You’d think such a science and technology whiz would have a backup plan if Liza’s shielding was bulletproof. Not only that, Liza takes semi-corporeal form to shield her brother so he can shoot Vitaly, killing her and ending what had been a pretty built up threat with all the finesse of air coming out of a balloon.


Speaking of unappealing noises, Vitaly’s last gasp tactic is have all her replicants emit a loud screeching sound, but Liza kisses Karen, giving her use of her legs (hey! why not?) and Karen and Sakura neutralize the noise with their non-animated singing.

Ethereal Liza also kisses a KO’d Hayato in order to give him the strength to take down not only Vitaly’s flagship replicant, but a Nesat who’s gone absolutely berserk due to her siblings getting hurt.


Nesat threatens to explode after a predetermined period of time, taking the ship with her, but Hayato is able to reach into her subconscious and calm her down by telling her they’re friends now, and the final threat is dealt with without much fuss. Glad the Hunters didn’t end up getting hurt or worse, and now that they’re free, they can be useful members of garden society.


That just leaves the resumption of the festival, culminating in, what else, a fireworks show, under which Emilia and Hayato dedicate themselves to being with one another. Unfortunately, while they’re kissing, the entire rest of the cast comes topside, and their myriad reactions are priceless.

Suffice it to say, Emilia’s secret is out: she’s a girl, and a princess, and loves Hayato. Of course, Claire isn’t okay with that, and unleashes her Hundred cannon at the lovebirds to close the episode, and possibly the series. The goofy slapsticky mood of the scene indicates she’s not really going to murder Emilia and Hayato, just scare them. Still, she’s not exactly setting a good example as captain of Little Garden, is she?

Sooo…Hundred: Definitely a show. With stuff that happened in it. Totally inconsequential and derivative stuff that hardly ever went anywhere interesting, but mostly fun stuff nonetheless. Will I be tuning into any possible second season? Maybe…if nothing else is on.


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3 thoughts on “Hundred – 12 (Fin)”

  1. Novel readers say there’re still plenty of new girls and harem antics coming Hayato’s way, so…

  2. A late Hunded final episode catch up…
    Well Hundred went off with more a whimper than a bang at the end with Vitaly’s robo-bees and assorted robot baddies being pretty easy to deal with once the all dancing, all singing sickest imouto in Little Garden and her annoying Idol friend got groovin’. Vitaly herself, once she ditched the conflicted hunters (who had the best character designs in the show I thought), wasn’t that hard to take out either. The reveal of why she did what she did was pretty underwhelming also. Was she angry and bitter at the world because everyone laughed at her ginormous breasts? Was she representing a revolutionary ideology? No! It was because Judah had loved her and dumped her. And for that she decides to destroy Little Garden and conquer the known world? That Vitaly had a few issues going on I guess – and one of them was forgetting to wear a bullet proof vest, which ended up with her being taken out by Judah’s standard issue pistol. Older sister Liza floats around curing everyone including Karen, who can suddenly walk now but is still not able to move her lips to sing of course.
    When one of the Hunters goes postal Hayato’s predictably simple remedy is to tell her everyone is her friend and bingo it all works out!
    Thankfully, the under-utilised Emilia and Hayato get a kiss in and all is right with the Little Garden world – except if you a tsundere Saito-Kaicho that is.

    All in all, Hundred delivered a show that demanded very little of the viewer but was perversely fun to watch anyway. It did little or nothing different with character development and ticked the boxes for all the tropes expected of it. I expected nothing else of it and wasn’t disappointed. A second series however? I hope not. I’d rather see a second series of the under-rated but more intelligent Sky Wizards Academy than any more of Hundred.

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