Space Patrol Luluco – 11

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Dead Luluco comes into being in a Hell-scape version of Ogikubo, where she’s alone until another Flaming Skull space patrol officer welcomes to eat fake crab meat skewers by the fire.

They chat about her predicament and, eventually, the immortality of the intangible. The skull guy says he’s died many times but has always come back for justice. Realizing that Nova never actually lied to her, Luluco regains heart and decides she has to confess (and arrest) Nova before it’s her time.

Then she returns and demolishes her own funeral. Roll credits…

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Verdict: while this was a bit predictable, get the hero back on her feet story, it was handled with Space Patrol’s typical flair for the bizarre. The flaming Skull guy goes totally unexplained and his ‘eating’ animation is made so blatantly nonexistent that it reads as a joke.

If the line “I’m going to confess to him. Then I’m going to arrest him for shoplifting my love.” gives you a smile, all the rest is just gravy.



One thought on “Space Patrol Luluco – 11”

  1. That’s Inferno Cop! I believe it was the first series that Trigger made after the studio was formed. It was kind of a low budget online only series with the episodes being only 3 minutes long and all of the “animation” being motion tweens, but it established the ridiculous and over-the-top style that Trigger is known for.

    I think the animation style comes from Imaishi’s desire to make one of the early Gurren Lagann entirely with paper dolls on sticks when he was directing that series, so when he formed Trigger he turned that concept into Inferno Cop. There is a self-awareness to how dumb it looks in contrast with the overly dramatic events that are occurring that is where much of the humor comes from. It’s kind of a love it or hate it kind of thing. Ninja Slayer also uses a similar kind of style mixed in with some more traditional animation

    With that said, I really didn’t expect the Inferno Cop episode of Luluco to be so introspective. Here we have Trigger’s most over-the-top action hero giving love advice to a middle school girl by a fireplace in hell. That’s pretty ridiculous in of itself

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