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A quick trip to MAL will show you that Kuromukuro currently only manages a very meh 6.95 rating, which for MAL means “Good” but we’ve since come to mean “watchable, but not necessarily recommended.” I’ver certainly dropped higher-rated shows before.

The low score isn’t due to a disgruntled source material audience unhappy with the adaptation, either: it’s an anime original. So what gives?

Well, like Kennosuke’s bizarre experience 450 years ago, it’s kind of hard to put my finger on it, and that’s part of the problem. It’s one thing to be consistently and demonstrably great or terrible; Kuromukuro is merely solid, at best.

It’s not badly put together, and some of the character interaction is quite strong; it’s just not particularly original or exciting. A lack of 9 ratings bear this out: Kuromukuro has entertained, but never wowed.


I never like quitting a show right in the middle, but with a planned 13 more episodes in addition to the 13 this Spring, I need to start taking a good long look at whether this show will be worth retaining into the busy new Summer season, which promises several new mecha series, the quality of which I can’t vouch for. (Macross will likely be continuing on as well, but I’m unaware of whether it will take a season off).

Basically, things need to start picking up, and soon. This episode promised a lot, but it really only amounted to table-setting. Now, table-setting can be interesting, but this week wasn’t, despite the fact we now have an Efidolg captive and learned more about Ken’s aforementioned experience, both under questioning by UN officials brought in from outside the Kurobe Lab.


Interrogation episodes can be great, too, but again, Kuromukuro does not distinguish itself or add anything new to the genre. The interviews are largely dull and uninformative, as Fusnarnie, as he’s called, isn’t interested in giving many detailed answers, and Ken simply doesn’t remember very well what happened.

This is frustrating to him, on top of his whole “continuing to live in shame while his princess is dead” dilemma, and Yukina is just as frustrated (as I was) by the lack of answers from that weird cave with the “demon” who may have been her dad. What could have been an episode of bombshell revelations amounted to little more than more teasing of larger but still obscured things, combined with lots of moping by the main pair.

And don’t get me started on Akagi; this stiff’s cockamamie idea to simply become a pilot without actually putting any work in (and thinking his arcade high score is a gauge of his talents) just fell flat with me. Yukina couldn’t care less about this guy; why should I?


One of the better parts of the episode was the flashback, in which we see Ken is a member of the soldiers fighting for Yukihime, and not, as Fusnarnie claims, an Efidolg advance guard. Or is he? How far in advance did he arrive? Did he bonk his head and forget who he was, and simply joined the princess’ guard since he’s good with a sword?

I’m not sure how else to explain how he’s able to pilot the Black Relic so easily. Was there something in Yukihime’s blood that made that possible? More to the point, is Yukihime really even dead, or was that light just a tractor beam that took her up to the mothership, where she remains? Lots of questions, as you can see, but precious few satisfying answers.


I’m not particularly interested in the UN and Sophie being suspicious of Ken, either, seeing as how he’s only served the good guys faithfully all this time. Also, if Fusnarnie is to be believed, Ken betrayed his people; why would he switch back to the “enemy”?

Nevermind, all we get at the end is a somewhat obvious cliffhanger in which Fussy breaks free, kills his captors, summons his “Lion”, and just happens to bump into Yukina in the corridor, grinning when he realizes she’s a wielder. So great; now Yukina probably needs to be rescued…again.


Author: braverade

Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

4 thoughts on “Kuromukuro – 10”

  1. The writers are obviously keeping any major reveals for future episodes, likely to ensure they don’t run out of story in 26 eps. It’s definitely stretching the material, but then on the other side you get 12 ep shows that may be rushing its proceedings to reach the finish line (like a certain steampunk zombie anime).

    It’s nice to see Agents Mulder and Scully back on the animated screen after their stint on The Simpsons.

  2. Kuromukuro is frustrating because it has all the ingredients and talent to be a great show. However, whenever a decision has to be made it takes the really safe mediocre route. Take for example Yukina running away. That could have been used along with the death or serious injury of Akagi to get some real character development going between Yukina, her mother and Ken. Instead the show simply has Yukina “get over it” and now any scene of physical peril involving Akagi is a joke. Fusnarnie’s escape was equally done in the dullest way possible. There were lots of other more interesting ways to handle that matter besides having an alien invader held in minimum security.

  3. I honestly hope you stick with the show, since I think it’s pretty great. Sure it doesn’t have some of the bombastic flash of other mech anime out there, but I think PA Works has been doing a great job on project, especially since it’s such a new avenue for them. ”
    I love how they’ve been revealing everything piecemeal and leaving us with a little mystery into what’s really going on. The aliens, their goals, Yukina’ dad, Yukihime, Kenn’s past, I’m really happy to get more and more of the story, but not all at once.

    As for the MAL rating, I never go by that since popular opinion can be swayed very easily simply because of availability or what the crowd wants. For example, this show has a way lower rating than Kabaneri, and I think Kabaneri is a far more inferior show, with some of the worst writing of the season. But because it’s a hyped show and more people watch it (this is partly Netflix fault), it ends up sadly overshadowing better shows like Kuromukuro,

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