My Hero Academia – 10


Aizawa shows his students what he can do when pitted against far superior numbers of villains, shutting down the quirks of those form long range and beating up those up close. But he lets the most concerning villain, who has an amorphous body of black mist, outflank him, surround the kids, and warp them in groups to various areas of USJ…which is just the thing if you want to show how those various groups of kids combine their quirks to defeat the baddies.

Midoriya ends up saved from being eaten by various water-strong villains by Tsuyu, who, as we know, is basically a human-frog hybrid. His trio is rounded out by Mineta. Both Tsuyu and Mineta in particular have very goofy and unattractive (IMO) character designs, and Mineta’s constant whining doesn’t help matters.


That being said, the three manage to overpower the water villains surrounding their rapidly sinking ship when Midoriya uses One for All from just two fingers to create a giant whirlpool, while Mineta’s sticky balls gather all the villains up together in a bigger, helpless ball. Tsuyu performs the role of keeping Mineta and Midoriya out of the vortex with her long tongue and leaping ability.

All in all it’s a neat little vignette that shows the teamwork that’s possible if one forgets about how scared one is and stops and thinks about how to use the quirks at hand. But like I said, I’m just not the biggest fan of Midoriya’s two teammates, who look like crudely-drawn caricatures next to Midoriya.


As for All Might, whom all the villains want to kill and are trying to use the kids to get to, he ends up chilling in the teacher’s lounge with UA High’s principal, who is some kind of inconclusive anthropomorphic mammal named Nezu, to which I can’t help asking…why?


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6 thoughts on “My Hero Academia – 10”

  1. The director is actually a animal that was born with a quirk (super intelligence) being the only one of his kind, because superpowers are a only-human thing in Bnha, except for him.

    1. It’s hardly a dealbreaker…just an annoyance. I don’t see why every other anime school needs to have a talking animal for a principal (be it real, plush, or robotic).

  2. “UA High’s principal, who is some kind of inconclusive anthropomorphic mammal named Nezu, to which I can’t help asking…why?”

    Funny, the principal kinda asks the same thing to the audience when he goes “am I a mouse? a dog? a bear?”

  3. Hey! Don’t be hating on Tsuyu like this!!!

    In defense of Aizawa, there are a lot of villains, it would be difficult to erase them all I’d think. Two against a sizable spread is significant that’s for sure.

    1. Sorry…I just wish she had different modes. Why is she always in Frog Mode? Can’t she have a normal Human Mode, like Ochako?

      And why are everyone’s hands so HUGE?

      1. We need weird people in our lives. That means we also need weird super people!

        And I dunno. Maybe that’s just part of their quirk– everyone automatically has big hands.

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