Macross Delta – 09


This week Hayate officially learns (in a noxious cloud of technobabble) that he possesses fold receptors just like Freyja and the other members of Walkure. Specifically, he “resonates” with Freyja; something that causes Freyja to blush when she hears about it. Poor girl doesn’t realize she’s in a love triangle the show probably isn’t that concerned with resolving, like the one in Frontier.

Also this week, Messer puts his own pride and personal desire to “repay” his savior Kaname (the one who first saved him from the Var) above his safety and the safety of Delta Platoon and Walkure.

Hayate and Mirage follow the chain of command and honor their colleagues wishes, but insofar as their overarching duty, it seems like a very bad idea to put a ticking time bomb like Messer in a Valkyrie and hope for the best.


For their part, Hayate and Mirage are conflicted over how to do with what they know about Messer, and try to put their heads together to come up with a solution throughout the episode.

Of course, because they’re largely doing this alone, in front of a romantic sunset, everyone, including Freyja, thinks these two are going out now, or something. Freyja is overcome by a combination of jealousy and FOMO, but is too timid to interfere, so she doesn’t, and thus never finds out the truth until the end of the episode, after much emotional stress.


She didn’t happen to stalk Mirage while she was talking with Kaname, for instance, about how Kaname used to be the lead vocalist of Walkure before Mikumo joined, and before that, she was a solo idol.

Kaname is very harsh and frank in her assessment of herself, and flat out believes she doesn’t have the talent to be lead vocalist, and has to be content with leading them in every other way. But as far as Messer is concerned, hers is the only voice that can save him.


That’s pretty strongly demonstrated when the Aerial Knights arrive to do some scans on Ragna’s Protoculture ruins. The camera focuses on Kaname both singing and talking Messer through his Var flare-up as he duels with the White Knight, Keith. Meanwhile, Hayate and Mirage protect Walkure from Bogue’s bold but ultimately fruitless attack.

The Knights retreat almost as soon as they arrive, but not before learning they can use Ragna’s ruins, and Keith is impressed enough with Messer to want another rematch in the near future.

But let’s be honest here: Delta Platoon dodged a bullet here. Had their ace Messer gone fully berserk, he would have fallen under enemy control, and as we saw in training, it wouldn’t take long for him to waste the rest of the platoon.

That being said, Freyja’s misunderstanding is cleared up, though she’s already shown her hand, Hayate-wise, and has to bug out to scream at the night to relieve the embarrassment, in the same place where Messer is alone, thanking his own personal god things didn’t get too out of hand due to his own selfishness.


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10 thoughts on “Macross Delta – 09”

  1. Frontier’s love triangle, and it’s ultimate unresolve, didn’t bother me much. Each character was just tad less ‘extreme’ than they are here, and, for whatever reason, I found the girls have the professional overlap more interesting than the asymmetry here.

    But everything about Delta has rubbed me just a little wrong since the beginning. That god dam heart bubble tentacle hair whatever is like pouring Doritos Xtreme all over perfectly tasty corn chips. It’s not why I was eating those corn chips damnit!

  2. Messer is not selfish as he owes Kaname his life and which to protect them . Even Lady M allows it as they have Vars victim to study to find the cure. Hell he even Joined Delta Squadron in large part to protect Kaname. He even tries his best to improved Hayate, Chuck and Mirage piloting skill to kill him just in case he went full Vars. Also so far his best pilot.

    1. But Messer IS being selfish. By getting in the cockpit when he’s unsure he’ll be able to stay in control, he actually puts Kaname and everyone else at risk.

      Getting in that cockpit is all about HIM wanting to protect Kaname and repay HIS debt to her; not trusting his comrades.

      Being the best pilot doesn’t matter if he’s being controlled by Windermere and shooting at his own comrades, the way the Vordori dad/pilot was doing just last week.

      There’s no guarantee he won’t kill Hayate and Mirage before they can put him down. Judging from the only training session we saw, he’d easily mop the floor with them, especially considering going Full Var makes him a more reckless/unpredictable/deadly foe.

      I hear what you’re saying; Messer has nothing but the most honorable intentions and clearly feels indebted to Kaname, but this simply isn’t the way of going about it.

      If Kaname and Walkure can’t snap him out of the Var this week, he could have easily killed her and/or others, and it would have been due to his selfish need to Be The One to protect Kaname, despite not being in the proper state to do so.

      1. I think you’re overreacting a bit. They are flying around with the cure to the problem in their ears at all times. That’s literally how they fight. That cure has never been shown to be ineffective. It simply can wear off if not re-applied. The thing with Messer is that it’s CONSTANTLY being re-applied.

        Now, for the sake of drama they’re likely going to play up the ticking time bomb nature of Messer, but it’s not as bad as you’re making it sound.

  3. Don’t be silly Fryja isn’t in a live triangle. The love triangle is obviously Roid, Kieth, and Messer.

  4. I said this back when the first episode was released early, but I really think Macross has lost something over the years as it’s become more and more obsessed with being pretty and being a musical to the point of now being almost a magical girl show.

    The first macross anime is one of the most legendary anime ever made. Certainly among mecha anime at least. Everything after is generally somewhere between mediocre and above average. Personally, I think it’s a loss of the sense of stakes and ‘bigness’ to the world. The war in the first show was one massive ship against an entire alien armada. In this it’s 2 groups of 6 or 7 pilots that just keep fighting each other again. And because they’re all main characters, no one can die. So we have a ‘war’ where no one is even dying.

    And music wasn’t ‘magical’ in the first macross. It was essentially weaponized culture shock. Which is a REAL THING. South Korea attacks North Korea by playing K-pop across the border all the time. And North Korea hates it because it works.

    I just feel like the series, and the franchise, would be better if it got away from it’s magically powered songstresses in their fabulous costumes and focused more on a well-done world and plot again.

    P.S. I’m sorry, but having someone that will die of old age at 30 as one corner of a love triangle is insane. 30 is INCREDIBLY young. If she wins I will actually be sad for Hayate.

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