Haifuri – 08

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Haifuri establishes that the virus was all an evil plot by the scientists or… something this week. See the creatures were created in an underwater submarine and the training mission was just a cover to collect and/or destroy the evidence. Also the virus is bioelectric something something, which explains why electronics have been malfunctioning.

Also, cats are immune. Dun dun duuuun.

This week’s combat focused on using tides and shallow waters to trick a virus-cruiser into grounding itself. The action and the plan was so-so but what broke my will to keep watching this show was how drawn out it all was, and that there is no chance anyone on the crew will be injured, so there’s no drama to the ‘we can’t hold on any longer captain!’ cries everyone belts out emptily.

Then there was butt-grabbing because of course there’s butt grabbing. Oh Hairfuri…


One thought on “Haifuri – 08”

  1. I thought this was one of the better episodes. However in Haifuri terms, that doesn’t add up to much. Captain-chan finally acts like a captain-chan and executes a cunning plan, meanwhile in the gallery they decide to cook rice. It must be Friday night and time for curry night or something? KItten-chan learns to use a litter tray during the height of battle. Butt grabbing nee-san arrives. Why isn’t the virus ridden Heii firing at them even though it has run aground? They are still capable of fighting I would have thought After all they are virus crazed automatons right? Oh I forgot… It is curry night on the Heii….

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