Macross Delta – 08


Like Kabaneri last week overcoming the Fused Colony boss, this week’s Macross Delta seems to let its heroes off a little bit easy, considering the hole they dug themselves in. I’d also question why so many high-ranking Windermereans not only end up on Vordor, but end up cornering Hayate, Mirage and Freyja…only to bascially quarrel with each other about what to do with them (kill or capture to interrogate).


Let’s be honest here: Hayate and Mirage are no match for these guys in hand-to-hand combat. Bogue alone mopped the floor with them in the blink of an eye. And yet despite having our heroes right where they want them, the Windermereans muck it up, giving Walkure time to launch a counterattack, aided at least in part by the ruins.


As a result, our triangle is freed, Hayate, Mirage and Messer hop aboard their Seigfrieds, and the battle moves to the air, as Walkure counters the sad wind song of Prince Heinz. That song actually infects Messer, who’s already sustained a bullet wound, and Hayate comes very close to having to kill the father of those kids he and Freyja saw (another odd coindence), but Freyja steps up to the plate and gives a solo performance that cures the pilot.


Hayate’s flying actually resonates with Freyja’s song, and he’s able to shoot Bogue out of the sky without killing him, but keeping a guy that dangerous alive is probably going to come back to bite him. Meanwhile, Lord Roid is fascinated by Freyja’s song, and will surely try to capture her again, Mikumo is both proud and impressed by Freyja’s newfound voice and reason for singing (to end wars), and Messer, poor dude, still has the Var. All in all, another serviceable but not particularly exceptional outing.


Author: braverade

Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

4 thoughts on “Macross Delta – 08”

  1. 1. I basically agree with the score you gave this episode. It was fine, not great.

    2. That said, I think you’re being overly harsh about the disagreements on the windermerian side about what to do with their hostages. The split on the windermerian side about how to execute this war has been shown several times before, and seems like it’s going to end up being vital to the overall plot so this is mostly just another case of the same thing.

    Clearly there’s something going on on the Windermere side, something that probably has to do with the truth of whose ‘fault’ this all is.

    1. I welcome continued Windermerean internal conflict, but when Lord Roid has to cross swords with an insubordinate Bogue? That’s the kind of ineptitude that damages my respect for Windermere’s military discipline and makes it hard to take them seriously as antagonists.

      There were an awful lot of tough-looking guys in impressive uniforms…standing around doing nothing. After being cornered so thoroughly last week, Hayate & Co. should have spent at least some time in a cell.

      One could argue that Hayate’s back-talk and Freyja’s pleading bought them sufficient time for Walkure to rescue them, but the Windermereans made it way to easy for them. If I’m coming off as harsh, it’s because I expect more of them in the battles to come.

  2. On the so called odd coincidence of that ace pilot being there, it’s not like they haven’t established in the previous episode that said pilot was stationed in the area, so naturally any garrison that’ll respond to the disturbance would include him. That he of course ends up as the one Hayate has to face is writer’s fiat. .

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