Haifuri – 06

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Back at fleet/school command, the big wigs are not only confused and concerned that Musashi was able to defeat a state-of-the-art fleet but, worse, many more student ships have gone AWOL. The remaining loyal ships either require weeks or months to be deployed or are lighter ships like Harikaze.

Meanwhile, Deputy Captain-chan continues to call Captain-chan out for her appalingly innapropriate command behavior. It’s hard to fault her for this since constantly running off the bridge and disregarding the safety and operation of her own ship really is nonsensical. This makes Captain-chan’s already sacerine goody-goody personality pretty un-compelling, if not truly unlikeable. However, since Deputy Captain-Chan literally brings nothing to the table herself, showing neither leadership nor technical abilities, she’s unlikeable too…

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Then everybody takes a bath, then the ship ends up trapped in a mine field, but German-chan doesn’t like nato, and the kitchen staff tries to make German style food for her but fails, but then the girls assigned to clear the mines goof off and get blown up, except they aren’t killed. Then then then, after the credits, the doctor injects herself with antibodies from the Rats.

Maybe German-chan’s nato/german dinner arc was to remind the viewers of our own ignorance of other cultures? Maybe leading into the bath scene with shadowy Japanese politicians effectively talking about penis size was meant to poke fun at the girl-military genre fetish? …but that’s probably giving Hifuri too much credit.

In short, a lot of stuff happens but few events carry consequences or relevance.

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The verdict: as it bothered me last week, I appreciated the school command’s bewilderment at Musashi’s survival. Blaming the electronic guidance of the missiles seems clunky, especially because we know this is somehow caused by the rat-virus, but it’s far better than a ‘Musashi so strong’ circle-jerk alternative.

That aside, the central conspiracy with the rats is problematic. Even with we ignore their ability to infect people AND ELECTRONICS equally, the plot seems to have moved away from an internal government conspiracy for them being there. Sure, a plot about evil men trying to cause a conflict so they could retake the quasi-military back from women is eye-rollingly simplistic, but at least it would have villains and a sense of purpose.

Overall, Hifuri just lacks tension. No one has died yet — even the girls who drove right into a mine — and no decision has carried consequences of even the blandest sort. Sprinkle in the absurd number of characters, and you have a bland bland bland show about a mysterious virus at sea with explosions that can’t hurt anyone.

Its watchable but by the thinnest of technical margins.


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  1. Best moment in the episode: Musashi gives Harekaze the middle finger — literally raising the middle barrel of its rear cannon to fire some parting shots

  2. My take at this point is that High School Fleet wants to be Girls und Panzer crossed with KanColle, but it’s neither as crisply paced and tightly focused as the former, nor as charmingly silly and just plain fun to watch as the latter. Since this series has the same screenwriter as Girls und Panzer, and I’ve also seen a lot of her other shows over the years and know that she knows perfectly well how to write a good script, I’m inclined to look at the series director, Yuu Nobuta. He’s relatively inexperienced, and his only other lead directing credit is Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai, which was another series that IMO squandered what could have been some really good material.

    Having said all that, I am still enjoying the series well enough overall, and it’s given me enough good stuff that I’m willing to be patient with it. But it’s slid down my personal rankings to 7th or 8th out the nine shows I’m watching, whereas it was up around 3rd or 4th after the first few episodes.

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