Kuma Miko – 06

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This week Machi tried to go to a novelty bookstore but a self-hatred-fueled freakout rampage prevented her from doing so. She also met a boy, although that doesn’t appear to be relevant to the narrative.

Later, still gripped with terror/embarrassment/self-loathing, Machi freaks out at Natsu. But then she has a fever and Natsu feels bad about making her go to the bookstore. He tries to make her feel better by cooking a meal and taking the blame for her troubles. Eventually, after savagely beating him for a night, Machi feels better and goes to school.

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So… that was awful. Ignoring the complete lack of content, set backs to Machi’s arduously slow growth, and reliance on girl punches guy humor, episode six was simply dull. The lack of new situations was also emphasized by Machi being ‘saved’ by the boy on the escalator, only for the episode to drop him completely out of the narrative.

Hibiki existed only to name drop this week’s business for the show to visit; Yoshio existed only to move Machi from space to space and strike his ‘you got this’ pose; Machi existed only to hate herself, and Natsu only existed to flash us back to Machi being a nice caring girl when she was younger and for some bear slap-stick cooking mishaps.

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The verditc: abusive, childish, tantrumming and self hatred are not the strongest themes for comedy. Nor are they good anchors for ‘lite’ casual watching. If not for Natsu’s predictable but — yes — still adorable kitchen antics, this episode would be a total failure.

Good job show. If your goal was to make me not like Machi this week, you were very successful. Why you would want me to hate your protagonist though… uh… yeah why would you want that??




6 thoughts on “Kuma Miko – 06”

  1. This episode wasn’t that eventful, but it didn’t really make me hate Machi, either. Both she and Natsu shared the blame for what happened, what with him underestimating her “bumpkin complex” and her totally losing her shit in the mall.

    After working herself up she got sick, which only compounded her despair and frustration, and Natsu, ever the selfless guardian and protector, let her take it all out on him, remembering how she cared for him as a sick cub.

    At the end of the day, she’s a teenager, flawed and volatile. I don’t think the point of the episodes to come will be for Machi to grow up and become capable of going to high school in the city – but more instances that show she still has a long way to go.

    1. I don’t think the point of the episodes to come will be for Machi to grow up and become capable of going to high school in the city – but more instances that show she still has a long way to go.

      yeah… that’s a major point for me: this is not new information. we’ve seen her ‘long way to go’ since the beginning. I want something new or, at least, marginally different.

  2. The way they’ve portrayed Machi so far, she doesn’t have a “self loathing” issue, she has debilitating social anxiety disorder. It was really painful to see Yoshio go along with Natsu’s idiotic plan, and try to shove her into the store while she was having a panic attack. Just as painful as the previous episode when she was having a panic attack around the bully girl. I don’t know why they’re playing these scenes off for any comedy, because they’d otherwise be very effective character drama. I mean, her guardians are complete jackasses when it comes to her obvious disorder, so I’m not surprised anymore that she’s want to get the hell away from them and go to a school somewhere else.

    1. Agreed, there’s every indication she has an undiagnosed clinical disorder…but like you said, the show is a goofy comedy, so it will probably go unaddressed.

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