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A substantial portion of this week’s Harekaze is left to the crew screwing around in swimsuits and sharing a few backstories. Tama is questioned by the adults over her gun-rage, but she can not remember anything. Also German-chan is formally welcomed by the crew with a cake. She responds by comparing the crew to a sausage and a charming but tiny castle.

While not particularly important, these sections function the best. They’re colorful, expand our admittedly fuzzy understanding of the bridge crew and set up Captain-chan’s betrayal at the end of the episode as truly heart breaking: in a time of crisis, she abandons what amounts to family.

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The rest of the episode is mostly dedicated to a fleet of boy-marine-training-destroyers getting demolished by Musashi. The engagement is rendered well enough, at least as 3D rendered objects go, but the pacing is poor and since we don’t know any of the boys and their attacks are so laughably ineffective against Musashi’s great indestructible Japanese armor, it lacks emotional impact.

Long time Rabujoi readers can probably guess that I rolled my eyes at Musashi’s durability. Even if it’s not autoerotic nationalist wank fantasy fuel, a 50 year old battleship being pounded by 12+ modern destroyers (commanded by trained adults) without a scratch is just feels lazy. The writers could at least have come up with a hand-wavey tactic or surprise maneuver to trump the destroyers but no. Musashi stronger than torpedoes sploosh! Sigh…

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The verdict: learning that the original fight between Harekaze and the instructor’s ship was also rat-rage and not a greater conspiracy clarifies where the show can go, which is good. That said, I’m not sure cute brain-rage inducing rodents is a very interesting path to go down.

Ultimately, the parts of this episode let down the whole. Musashi’s battles were too fragmented and without tactical or technical detail to be interesting and, despite beefing up their stories, the cast is still not that interesting, which makes Captain-chan’s decision to run to Musashi’s aide more of a shrug than an ‘oh noes!’

And don’t get me started on the ‘debris’ that flips Captain-chan’s jet-ski at the last second and preventing her from advancing the plot because roll credits! That is why we didn’t need ten minutes of girls screwing around not advancing the plot in the first place!


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  1. You missed an explanation in Haifuri regarding the weaponry they are firing at the Musashi. It’s not that the Musashi’s armour is being depicted as so strong. A comment was made I think by one of the bridge officers on the commanding school ship attacking the Musashi that they are firing training ammunition at the Musashi to avoiding injuring the crew. As we have seen before training ammunition has no real explosive power – they are only trying to get it under control. Musashi unfortunately is firing real ammunition at them, which isn’t helping matters.

    I think the real problem with Haifuri is that it really lacks a strong central character at the heart of the story. Captain-chan’s character isn’t strong enough to be the central figure through which the story develops, and doesn’t have as strong enough back story for us to really care for her. Compare her to either Nishizumi Miho from Girls Und Panzer or Miyafuji Yoshika from Strike Witches and you will see what I mean. Without a strong central character at the core of the action, the story lacks impact and there is really no character really pulling the crew together. Captain-chan better grow a set or Haifuri is going to continue drifting around the Pacific with little or no purpose – which would be kind of a shame really.

    1. You’re right about Captain Chan for sure.

      I’d argue that Haifuri has no strong characters at all. The XO, German Chan, the various Moms and Grandmothers, they’re all safe one-line-backstory shells to move the narrative along. There are so many of them too, that no time can be given to build anyone out beyond ‘likeable’

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