Bakuon!! – 05

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This week’s Bakoun is simple enough – the girls come to the northern end of Hokkaido and accidentally meet their recently-dumped sensei, who tries to commit suicide and, failing that, rape them. Later, the girls ride back to the ferry and lament their time on the island is over.

Along the way, Rin shows us that she is pure of heart and won’t run over the red foxes, even if they deserve it. Also, Frizzy-chan is remarkably insightful, even if her lines are corny.

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Then the girls put on bikinis and sexy-wash their bikes for the episode’s final five minutes in the most WTF pandering moment imaginable. Roll Credits…

If you can pretend the final scene didn’t happen, episode 5 has a lot of heart. Rin hanging back to balls-out test her max speed, only to be thwarted by the foxes in the road, only to be reminded of her humanity by Jesus’ holy cup, all had an honest feel to it. Almost a moral message, even.

But that final scene…what the heck? Watching Hane sploosh soap on her breasts so she can deep grind her bike clean, foam billowing up her crotch – and then having Rin do the same? Really??

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Sure, It was funny in a totally awkward way but man, following such a sweet, heartfelt story about girls on the road, the ending cheapens the whole thing. Roll in the totally weird attempted rape scene by their teacher halfway through and I don’t know what to think.

Yeesh Bakoun, you can be really funny without sexualizing your characters, you know? smh


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  1. Whew…that was a formidable amount of fanservice! Though I’m still loath to call Bakuon ecchi due to the lack of “details” (nipples/cameltoe, etc.)

    Has Bakuon gone down this road in a desperate effort to attract more viewers?

    It’s MAL score is down around 6.4, and is third to only Macross and Sansha Sanyou in fewest members watching. (Though, as always, MAL numbers must be looked at with a grain of salt).

    1. Nah, it wasn’t desperation. Pre-orders of the Blu-Rays are actually tracking reasonably well in the Amazon stalker estimates so far, which is one of the things the show’s producers are going to care about the most, along with whether it gives the manga sales a boost. Even if it weren’t tracking well, though, the washing scene was straight out of chapter 16 of the manga (in fact, it took up that entire chapter), so it’s not like they just threw it in out of nowhere.

  2. it was gratuitous, it was unnecessary and It has led to Bakuon screenshots from that scene going viral all over social media. MAL ratings aren’t everything and Twitter and Facebook are showing (at least for this week) an awful lot of Bakuon screenshots. If that was their aim to raise the show’s overall profile, then it’s certainly achieved its aim. I actually thought the Hane washing her bike with her body was also the set up for the Rin joke at the end. You just know Rin will do it too because she loves her Suzuki more and you just know it will end unfortunately – as it did with Rin face down in dirty water etc next to her bike.

    In terms of not quite right, I thought the drunken sensei sexually abusing her students and them riding off like nothing had happened, congratulating themselves on the compromising photos they took was a lot worse. And they still want her as an advisor after that?

    I really loved the Rin/Red Fox scene however. That was a nice scene and embodied best the heart warming nature this show often displays.

    Hopefully now the producers have got all that fan service out of their system and will save whatever is left of that for the show’s ovas.

    Oh, and it looks like Rin’s breasts have got bigger again…..

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