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First some quick observations on our Windermeran boy prince songster: he’s the key to his people’s plans for galactic domination, he’s a pawn of his big brother Keith, he likely has misgivings about hurting people with his song, and the song hurts him; indeed, he may be running out of time, necessatating an acceleration of those plans.

On the other side of the galaxy, fellow Windermeran Freyja Wion and her friend Hayate are at a party welcoming them to Walkure and Delta Platoon, respectively, but neither are (yet) carrying the weight of his little highness, they’re kicking back and relaxing with their new family. Mikumo solitary, solemn audience with the stars is a stark contrast to the frivolity of the party; and in lighting and mood, a lot more like the prince’s milieu.

But the lighthearted fun, for both for our star idol and pilot and the show, has to hit a snag at some point: we need to start seeing some stakes and some danger if I’m going to become dramatically invested and take the show seriously (that is, as seriously as one can take a show in which a berserker syndrome is cured with song). This week provides that necessary snag.


Mind you, there’s still a Nostalgia Corner, for those watching Delta because of all the Macross that came before. Not only does Freyja name-drop several musical personalities and groups from previous shows, they’re on her playlist and formed her inspiration.

Mind you, this mirrors the real life cyclical inspiration of the idols who got their start with Macross: no doubt Freyja’s Suzuki Minori was inspired by Ranka’s Nakajima Megumi, and so on.


But however inspired Freyja is by her forebears, Mikumo informs her in no uncertain terms that if she can’t deliver the goods in her debut, she’s fired.

This time it’s not a highly controlled simulation: Planet Randor has requested a “Waccine” to preemptively inoculate its population from the Var. Freyja inadvertently plays up her clumsy nervousness as a virtue in her debut, and the adoring crowds eat it up.


Freyja also gets better as the show goes on, able to mostly keep pace with Mikumo, even if her fold receptors don’t activate at first, which was the whole point of recruiting her.

Things then take a turn for the perilous when a formation of Var-infected Spacy planes arrives and attacks Walkure/Delta. I was a little confused whether the Var was being caused by the Windy Prince’s song, but it sure looked like a connection between the two was implied.


When shit hits the fan, the Walkure members scatter for safety, and the adrenaline of the first episode returns as they feel terribly exposed to the firepower and brawn of bogeys.

Of course, that’s where Delta comes in, and Hayate has Freyja’s back, keeping her alive until Mikumo regroups with a Var-eradicating solo Freyja turns into a duet, finally activating her fold receptors and avoiding summary termination.

Turns out harrying Walkure/Delta was only an elaborate diversion by the Aerial Knights of Windermere, as Chancellor Brehm announces a formal declaration of war against the New Unifed Government, while Delta confirms that Planet Vordor has been invaded.

First the Var, now a war with Windermere, a people who are short-lived (~30 years max) but powerful. The fact the newest member of Walkure is from the same planet should make things interesting. A quarter-cour in, things are finally starting to spice up.


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Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

3 thoughts on “Macross Delta – 04”

  1. Even if the whole point of Delta is to be a constant Idol Style pop video, it tries way too hard. Gracious, even the Windermere pilots put on their own bad boy band dance off at the end. There’s plenty of grounding for this in the Macross universe, but the formula — the posing, timing, and predictability of everything — sucks out the drama.

    At least a central conflict with tangible goals was finally set up, and the central conflict that Freyja’s people are the bad guys gives future episodes something to work with, but I’m just not a big enough fan of Macross visuals to wade through all the rest. Absolutely happy for Hannah to take this one over completely.

  2. Hopefully Freyja is not revealed later as some lost Windermerean princess. That would be cliched. Though considering her flashbackis of seemingly fleeing from a burning mansion, I wouldn’t be swurprised if this was indeed the case.

    And , hey, what’s this? While the others are partying, Mikumo sings alone, atop a cliff, and in the nude? Man, that scene is definitely going to be fodder for the fanarts.

    1. I like how Mikumo is very focused on her role/duty as Walkure’s ace (though Kaname is technically the group leader).

      She’s literally a prima donna, but not annoyingly stuck-up. She just kinda goes off on her own while everyone else fraternizes. She floats over all, avoiding the extraneous. And she clearly has no patience for failure.

      I like her!

      But yeah, with her abilities, I doubt Freyja’s just some orphan refugee. The theory that Freyja has royal Windermeran blood is a distinct possibility.

      But I am liking that the show is pitting her against her people, with her original home calling to her just when she thought she’d settled into an exciting new one.

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