Bakuon!! – 04

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For summer break, the girls decide to tour Hokkaido. Why Hokkaido? Well… Rin was there a long time ago with her dad and had quite an experience. They wrecked while trying to avoid foxes on the road, her dad got parasites from the foxes and she was sent home alone on a train.

For some reason this realization doesn’t dissuade Bakuon’s girls and so they set in for a long ride and a string of misadventures. By the end, their relationships are a bit closer. Also, Hane finds Jesus.

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This week’s theme is fathers. Sorta. Rin’s father obviously features heavily and his hilariously terrible parenting is repeatedly on display. In addition to their terrible Hokkaido trip of old, we later learn that he jack-knifed Rin into the air and she landed on the hood of a car… only to be BRANDED with a Sazuki logo on her butt.

Speaking of butts, Hijiri’s butler is like a father too. He gives her sage (and wacky) advice about Ducati bikes having souls, which apparently makes them terrible self-destructive things. They also share a tender moment where he fears his days are coming to an end — that they will end when his bike next breaks down — only for it to immediately break down. Continuing to smile, they wait for the family’s ever present helicopter to fly in a replacement and act as if nothing has happened.

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And father of all fathers, a Jesus of sorts makes an appearance. While Onsa and Rin leave Hane behind, and her gas tank is nearly empty, there he is by the road. She shares what little gas she has and they creep to a gas station and he tells her about Bikes in the old testament.

Then he teleports her ahead of the other girls. A ferry ride to Hokkaido finally ensues and the adventure ends with a glorious dip in hot springs. Roll credits!

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This was, by far, the funniest episode so far. The details were great: Rin’s uniquely terrible life shames, the fact the Suzuki logo was put on the car backwards, Lime wearing a helmet in the bath, the weird ‘masks’ the various NPCs wear for no reason, the X-Ray to reveal a bike under an old painting, and the reveal of the fox parasites!

More than funny though, the episode had heart. The various relationships, be it rivalry or love, all grew and they all had fun in the process.




3 thoughts on “Bakuon!! – 04”

  1. This was a good one. In addition to being funny, it was also pretty heartwarming, as the excitement of the girls going on their first all-night road trip really came through the screen.

    It showed Rin and Onsa have a lot more in common then they’d care to admit, and Hane shows she’s a tough cookie, not panicking when she’s left behind, or worried about being naked out in the open.

    The Suzuki brand (and its explanation) were a great topper to the outing. (Curiously, Rin’s boobs seem to be getting bigger with each episode…)

    Also, this show’s creators are seriously anti-Ducati, but then again maybe they deserve their reputation for unreliability; I wouldn’t know.

  2. That was a very funny episode that had me laughing out loud all the way through. Rin’s father is a hoot and the holy grail reward for Hane was seriously off the wall. Ducatis – what can I say? My friend had one and enjoyed a love hate relationship with it for years. Including a near death experience due to exposure following a breakdown in the middle of nowhere on an overnight road trip from Canberra to Melbourne in the middle of winter. Nice bikes…but prone to breakdown,

    1. Ducatis sound like the Alfas of the motorcycle world.

      As Jezza once put it: “Alfa builds a car to be as good as a car can be….briefly.”

      Then again, maybe the three Ducatis in this episode were self-destructing on purpose because their riders were so obnoxious!

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