Anne Happy♪ – 03

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The gist: Hagyu Hibiki and Ekoda Ren formally become main characters. Hibiki-chan is an awful human being who constantly gets lost, is a klutz and and infatuated with Ren. Ren’s only trouble seems to be her willingness to be near Hibiki.

Along with Hibari, Hanako and Botan, they are subjected to a bizarre set of game show style games, by Timothy and the Teacher, 500 meters under the gym. Nothing makes sense, all of the jokes repeat what we’ve seen before, although I a bizarre LSD tripping balls context.

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I can’t even process how weird this episode is. If there’d been violence, it could have been Dengenrompa. As it was, I don’t know why the writers felt it necessary to change the formula from ‘silly unexpected things happen to girls in a bland high school setting’ to bland high school girls in an unexpectedly silly setting.

And I have no idea why their teacher (and probably Timothy) is evil? Is this supposed to make the girls even more unfortunate for being in a program dedicated to their misfortune?

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Should you watch it? If you strip all the weirdness away, Anne Happy has 5 core jokes: Botan is injured by everything, Hanako always loses, Hibari is bashfully along for the ride, Hibiki is always lost and Ren is deadpan. Those jokes were told at least 3 times for each character during this episode, which isn’t compelling.

I may give this show another week but I’m not hopeful.