Bakuon!! – 03


Now that she has a license, Hane needs a bike—and she knows what she wants: A Honda Su-Four. Despite Onsa warning her that owning a Honda is like being with one man for life (which Hane doesn’t see a problem with), it’s the bike she learned on, and it’s what she wants. And since it’s her yen, and the dealership has a nice pink one, a Honda Su-Four is what she gets!

The twist is that the dealership Hane visits first happens to be run by Onsa’s father. It’s not exactly above-board, what with drowned bikes and reset odometers, but Onsa is determined not to let her dad shove a lemon on her friend, so she does the servicing herself under Lime’s watchful eye.

The beautiful moment Hane mounts her lovely pink steed, the world goes all black-and-white and she is compelled to hit that tasty looking road. Unfortunately, there’s almost no gas in that steed and she ends up stranded. But still, that first ride looked really fun.


Now that Hane has her license and bike, she starts going on rides with the rest of the bike club, which for now is just her, Onsa, Lime and Hijiri (and her chauffeur). They make it easier to communicate with headsets Hijiri installs in their helmets. But Rin snatches her helmet away before Hijiri can finish, so she can only send, not receive.

This results in a hilarious scene where Rin, understandably thinking no one is listening because she’s riding alone, starts singing a girly Katana song, and when she spots Onsa, launches missiles at her (i.e. flashes her headlight).


Surrounding this episode is Rin’s reluctance to join the bike club, even though, let’s be honest, she really wants to. Her and Onsa have some complex moments, first with Onsa in tears of shame at the state of her father’s place of business (while conceding it’s put food in her and her brothers’ mouths), and here with her headset leverage over Rin.

But while they go at each other consistently, there’s still an underlying warmth, and obviously their shared passion for riding that links them, which is why Rin agrees to pose in a group photo—as long as her Katana is center stage.


The final third deals with the fact the faculty of the school has found out about an unofficial, illegal bike club (though girls riding bikes, or helicopters in Hijiri’s case) aren’t prohibited. This leads to a stunning reveal when the principal meets with Lime and calls her senpai—clearly Lime is not a high schooler and hasn’t been for some time.

We flash back to when the Bike Club was official and the principal was one of the mechanics working on Lime’s bike in a race. One of her friends forgot a screw, so Lime’s bike blew up before the finish line, teaching the future principal a valuable lesson: don’t employ high school girls as motorcycle race mechanics. That being said, when Lime wordlessly (natch) promises to keep the girls safe, she gives her approval for the bike club to be reborn.

I was preparing to pull the plug on watching and reviewing this show after three eps, since it’s pretty one-note, and I’m probably going to stick to that position, despite this being a pretty strong episode. It all comes down to not having to many shows and casts to keep track of and making my mind a muddle. It’s got its charms, and the bike angle is unique, but the fact is it’s the weakest of the Spring shows I’m watching, so it gets the hook.


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Zane Kalish is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

5 thoughts on “Bakuon!! – 03”

  1. I thought this clearly the best episode by far, the first of this show I’ve enjoyed from start to finish. The fact that Lime is actually a spirit was an unexpected turn. I wonder if the girls will find this out somehow? Rin is turning into a funny comic foil and most of the better jokes involve her. The moment when her dad turns up and jokes with Onsa’s dad about the drowned Katana 400 he bought off him for Rin and which is her pride and joy was a funny moment. I like a few light shows in my viewing schedule and this one is sufficiently diverting to keep me watching.

    1. Oh God – I did not even realize Lime wasn’t just sticking around long after graduation…but DEAD. Whoops! Well, that makes more sense, especially the not talking.

      Honestly I love this show for all the reasons you laid out, and I hate to walk away, but with Tanaka-kun, Netoge, Asterisk, Sansha Sanyou, Shounen Maid, and Bakuon, I’ve gotta start paring things down. That, and start-to-finish great episodes like this probably won’t be the norm.

      That being said, I’ll still be watching when I can, and (not to put him on the spot) do hope Franklin-san picks up reviewing duties.

    2. great catch about her being dead! I’d gotten stuck on Lime’s Stig-like qualities and hadn’t connected that dot.

      I plan on reviewing the show moving forward. With me dropping Macross Delta and suspecting Stray Dogs will get boring and/or stupid fast, this should be easy to keep up with.

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