Flying Witch – 02


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Part travel guide to the magical world of the countryside, part cooking show, this week’s Flying Witch is leisurely and incredibly comfortable. I’ve never been so transfixed by a show with so little drama or humor and has no stakes at all.

What happened? Makoto finally makes it home from school on her own and spends a pleasant afternoon with Chinatsu-chan. Then the Harbinger of Spring arrives and poor Chinatsu is terrified by his mask and great size.

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Later, after learning about the Harbinger’s job (to bring spring) and receiving a gift of spring flowers from him, Chinatsu’s heart warms and she asks if he will return soon.

The second act is presented in 3 small parts. First, Makoto dreams that Nao is marked with a sign of great luck only to wake up, having no idea what the class is being quizzed on. Second, as they walk home talking about witch dreams, Kei stops and shows them Bakke growing beside the road, which they pick for dinner. Finally, Kei deep fries the bakke for Makoto to try while Chinatsu alludes to this being a sign of being an adult.

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Flying Witch reminds me of taking a casual walk with a friend in spring. It’s crisp, un-strenuous, and surrounds you with subtle details to admire and talk about. When picking bakke, Kei reminds us not to pick near utility poles because dogs pee there. While cooking bakke, Kei reminds us that the bubbles on our chopsticks mean the oil is hot enough to cook.

Slow bites, warm smiles, loving conversation.

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It’s worth watching: because each character feels ernest and specific. Its characters are cute, but not KAWAIIIIII over the top and when they are nice, they are nice, not absurdly selfless.

Its all so welcoming, there’s no reason to criticize it for a lack of overall plot, lack of conflict, or clear purpose. Flying Witch is just Makoto’s happy life, observed closely, as if we were sharing the space with her.


6 thoughts on “Flying Witch – 02”

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I think this edges out Zane’s Shounen Maid as THE low-effort, breezy feel-good show of the Spring. It’s just soooo serene and relaxing. And Chinatsu doesn’t act like a typical ‘anime little kid’ but just like many a small child I’ve known in my day (including Franklin’s progeny!)

    As for the bakke tutorial, I too was transfixed for every lovingly-crafted moment. They remind me of Brussels sprouts or hops, something a kid wouldn’t normally like because their palate simply hasn’t developed enough.

    I was also impressed with the show’s decision not to really employ any traditional “witch magic” like flying or spells. Just a possibly, maybe-not prophetic dream and a gift of prepared mandrake for the harbinger. It really, pardon the pun, grounds her witchiness in real-world practicality (I belived she mentioned last week broom-riding can be uncomfortable, as well as tricky with a skirt).

    High 8 all the way: very recommended for a lazy Sunday.

    1. Yeah, Shonen Maid is also fun but the over the top nature of the uncle, the mansion setting, the mega messes… it’s much more ‘standard’ as executions go. Even Maid-kun himself is inflated beyond believable compared to Chin-chan, who’s reactions to a possibly dangerous witch monster (seeking an adult, being frightened, wanting to call the police) all just work naturally.

      I noticed the lack of magic too. No black cat this week. No spells. No flying. The dream aside, and the Harbinger as an entity, all this reinforced the everydayness of the show

  2. I thought the episode was quite pleasant although I will admit to getting a little annoyed by Makoto’s random knowledge gaps… she can identify a mandrake from a distance by smell but she doesn’t know her veggies…. your a witch dammit you should be the queen of herbalism….

      1. She’s a young witch-in-training, so there are bound to be some gaps. The local name for it also threw her off.

  3. Wait, is it me or is Takahiro Sakurai the one voicing the Harbinger? Sure sound like McGillis is going after lolis again, hehehe!

    And what’s really hilarious about the second part is how Makoto so convincingly talked about how witches’ dreams are supposed to be prophetic then backtrack that it is only a myth, only to have Nao fall for it so quickly. The execution is surprisingly brilliant.

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