Space Patrol Luluco – 03


Alpha Omega Nova and Luluco head to her school, Space Middle School, to root out an organized crime ring involving a “quasi-legal” app called Blackhole being distributed by an individual named “Save-the-World,” who turns out to be Luluco’s blue/green-skinned classmate Midori. Absurdity ensues!


The fact that Midori was giving Luluco the hard sell—and succeeding—kinda gave away the fact that she was the mastermind Space Patrol was after. But with a gang of roughs at her disposal, Midori won’t go down without a fight!


Nova’s all too happy to shoot the shit out of Midori, but Luluco wants to resolve things without discharging weapons. Her olive branch is smacked out of her hand when Midori captures Nova and fires him at her. Luluco thus has no choice but to transform into a gun and shoot, capturing Midori, but also destroying part of the school.


Luluco isn’t sure what to do in the future, but the freed Nova counsels her to “stay wonderful”…which probably means “keep transforming into a gun and shooting perps into submission.” After our lovely credits, Midori convinces the somewhat easily swayed Over Justice to forgive her crimes and recruit her into he Patrol.

Gainax/Trigger fans will probably recognize Midori’s distinctive seiyu as Shintani Mayumi, who also voiced Nonon in Kill la Kill and Haruko in FLCL. With the addition of Midori, Space Patrol Luluco continues to be a super-concentrated, zany, quick-firing, unpredictably delicious lark.



Author: sesameacrylic

Zane Kalish is a staff writer for RABUJOI.