Mayoiga – 02


Mayoiga makes liberal use of its CGI bus model…until it careens down a muddy hill, leaving all the passengers to continue on foot…but not before tossing the bus driver all their wallets as compensation for getting them this far.

The thirty clean-slaters are all different, but they’re alike in one regard: they don’t much care about the driver’s dignity; or at least those who do don’t speak up strongly enough when it counts.


We learn a little more about Mitsumune, like how Speedstar AKA Hayate is his classmate, friend, and long-time protector…and how he’s easily wooed by girls, due to not having much experience with them (all boy’s school).

With Koharun and her map, the group trudges through the forest, hoping to avoid bears (or bear-like monsters) and eventually come upon a bridge that leads to a village that matches the descriptive details Koharun has at hand. They’ve arrived at Nanaki Village.


They soon determine that there’s nobody home, which is kind of strange to start. The village has been abandoned for at least a year. There’s no talk of food or lodging, just exploration in various random groups branching off from the whole.

Mitsumune had hoped to accompany Masaki, but he’s snagged by two other girls who seem to have plans for him. Speaking of plans, the sunglassed Yottsun seems to have unsavory ones for Masaki, and manages to end up alone with her. A strange shadow in the woods catches her eye, and that’s the last we see of either.


Mitsumune, meanwhile, manages to ruin a potentially fun time with Maimai by congratulting himself on not getting so hot and bothered in her presence, which is a little insulting. Maimai then reveals she was only going to toy with him, but they’re interrupted by the sudden emergence of the bus driver from the woods.

Was the driver the shadow Masaki saw? And what did the driver see after everyone left him? Who sent Koharun the anonymous email telling her how to get to the village? And, of course, what happened to Yottsun and Masaki? Is this group only the latest of many who have inhabited this lost village, and have they suffered their first two losses?


Author: magicalchurlsukui

Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

4 thoughts on “Mayoiga – 02”

  1. Barring any spirited away plot device, or psychopathic degenerates wandering around the area, I’d say Yottsun is having his way with Masaki in some quiet spot.

    Although I am curious of what the driver saw and made him go after the folks, I’m just curious why he was not forthcoming in sharing what he might have seen with the others.

  2. Mitsumune is an interesting enough character and his one development this week was entertaining but Mayoiga is kinda slow, character heavy, and the other characters are generally not the likable. I’m not even that interested in the mystery of the village, bear, etc.

    I’m not even sure this anime’s format will be about the mystery of the village/bear, or if we’re still in store for a Battle Royal reveal, or something else. With all the shows out this spring — and with so many of them being SLOW shows — this isn’t hooking me enough to keep in rotation.

  3. At last their destination has been reached and they have arrived at Nanaki village. The further humiliation of the bus driver reveals in greater detail what a mostly unlikable and self centered crew we are dealing with here. That makes me wonder if we have an unfolding morality tale wrapped up in the mystery/horror tale we are waiting to see unfold. It looks like their first challenge/drama is unfolding in the form of Shades Scumbag and the vulnerable Masaki. The pan around all the characters’ faces when they realise that those two aren’t with them was so cliched, and obvious I almost groaned. I’m finding Mitsumune rather irritating and his disclosures so far about his past life to be too cliched to be interesting really. In fact very few of the characters hold much interest really. Lion seems to be the only interesting one so far. The rest so far are so trapped in cliche they quickly become tedious. Shouty Bully Alpha Guy who says everything in a shouty dominant confrontational voice is particularly tiresome (though there is a brief flash of a more human side when he discovers Misaki is missing). Despite my misgivings I’m going to keep watching, mainly because the show hasn’t revealed its central story yet. I’m not that concerned about the pace of it -as long as the story it is deliberately withholding so far eventually has some merit to it.

    1. The intrigue is still there for me after two eps, but with so many unlikable and cliched personalities to deal with, I’m just not sure I actually enjoy watching this show, the way I enjoy watching Re:Zero, Ushio to Tora, Sousei no Onmyouji, Kuma Miko, and Flying Witch. All those shows are just more fun and less of a drag, which means the third episode of Mayoiga may well be my last. We’ll see!

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