Super Lovers – 01 (First Impressions)

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Ren is a physically abused, emotionally damaged boy who was literally raised by wolves. The protagonist is half-Canadian/half-Japanese and an older brother type who’s father remarried and added 2 younger brothers into the mix.

Protagonist quickly befriends Ren, via the pack of Wolves they have both grown up with and lunch making/humanization ensues.

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Yeah…so I’m bisexual, have been married-hetero for 11 years, and have a 4 year old child. Even I’m not in the mood to watch an adult make out with an adolescent in what is sure to be a romance/drama. This first episode is tame by industry standards but…no thanks?

By film-making standards, nothing interesting or exciting really happened outside of the make-out session. No drama, no animation quality, no humor. I’ll take a pass.


Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – 01 (First Impressions)


Well, here it is: one of the contenders for King of Spring. KnK had a little bit of everything that you want in a heart-pumping steampunk horror-action-thriller (even a dash of wit). But mostly it’s gorgeously-rendered, dark, brutal, bloody good fun.

KnK wastes no time dunking our heads into its not-so-ideal world and not letting us come up for air until the very end. A good way to get a good pace going to start is a train job of some kind. This train happens to be a mobile fortress, transporting humanity from one “station” (heavily fortitied settlements) to another.

What is everyone running and hiding behind iron and wood from? The Kabane: zombies who move at a pretty good clip and have metal cages around their hearts, making them really hard to kill (though as we learn apparently beheading works too). The Kabane are indeed fierce and fearsome, as it only takes one bite to turn you into one of them. Once that happens and your peers know about it, you’re expected to commit suicide immediately.


One dude who is trying—perhaps in vain—to stem the tide of the vicious Kabane is Ikoma, a mechanic who in his spare time is working on a stea gun powerful enough to pierce the Kabane’s heart cages. He’s very very close, and in fact would have probably had a breakthrough had he not been distracted by the train raid.

Of course, he’s at the bottom of the food chain, society-wise, so only he and some of his friends even know what he’s working on and its importance to the future of humanity. When the aristocracy deigns to walk among the masses, it’s either to have their gun fixed, or to sit back and watch as bushi (a force of soldiers with steam guns who protect everyone else and the peace) gun down a suspected Kabane who turns out not to be one.


For trying to defend this poor wretch, Ikoma gets the butt of a rifle and thrown in jail, but he also catches the eye of the catbell-adorned, carefree aristocrat Mumei, as well as Ayame-sama, a high-class lady with a gentle heart. While he’s in jail, unable to perfect his gun, another train enters the station—one I knew from the foreboding atmosphere of its approach was overrun by Kabane.

They are smart enough to operate the train, and ram it into the city in a stunning derailment set piece, followed by a gory massacre of the townsfolk nearest the gate. Mumei, who snuck away from the castle for a lovely evening June constitutional, pays a brief visit to Ikoma in his cell, but is soon back on her way to the armored train out of this lost station.


Ikoma frees himself and prepares his new jet gun just in time for a Kabane to drop in on him. He wins the subsequent struggle with authority, blasting the Kabane’s caged heart to smithereens. It worked; but the Kabane took a nasty bite out of his arm.

What happens next…is a little odd and hard to grasp, but Ikoma, unlike most people, knows the Kabane affliction is a virus, not a curse, and so can be dealt with if acted upon quickly enough. He manages to seal off his arm and improvises a kind of self-exorcism of the virus from his body, drawing it out like steam out of a tank.

We also learn while he’s undergoing this highly painful procedure that he once ran before, back when he was a kid and his family was killed and his hometown destroyed by Kabane. Ikoma is done running, and he won’t let a little (or even a big) Kabane bite interfere in his quest of redemption and vengeance.


Yeah, comparisons to another apocalyptic steampunk thriller, Attack on Titan, are very much inevitable, and were always in some part of my mind throughout this episode. Still, it’s hard to complain about KnK’s ambitious, kick-ass execution. Basically, KnK differentiated itself more than well enough for my satisfaction.

I don’t want to close without mentioning Mumei, who seemed like an entitled brat when the episode opened, but more than proved her mettle in a climax that ran parallel to Ikoma’s. When her attendant is bitten and has to kill himself, she races to the train on her own, but is cornered by a big ol’ Kabane.

Without flinching, she stands her ground and lets the beast come to her, whereupon she decapitates him with her shoe, which not only houses the catbells we were hearing the whole time, but a razor-sharp blade. Then, for giggles, she gets that shoe stuck in a wood pillar. Bad…ass…like this show’s opening salvo. I’m greatly looking forward to seeing Ikoma and Mumei take it to the Kabane.


Anne Happy♪ – 01 (First Impressions)

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On her way to her first day of high school, Hibari pauses at the bridge that brings her sadness. As she looks down, she sees Hanako hung from the bridge by her uniform’s collar, holding a dog.

“Are you okay?”

“Aside from this dog that’s biting me,” the girl named Hanako replies cheerfully. “and my hair being pulled out, I’m just fine.”

She then falls from the bridge into the river.

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Later, the girls meet Kumegawa Botan, a girl with long pink hair and mental illness. Botan also has bones of glass and is quickly destroyed by Hanako’s friendly handshake. Fortunately, she has a lunchbox full of pills and medical tape.

You see, these three girls are freshmen at Tennomifume Academy’s class 7. Classed 1-3 focus on academics, 4-6 focus on sports and class 7 focuses on…making its students of tremendous bad luck happy.

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From getting lost to being mauled constantly by animals, everyone in this class is unfortunate. Hibari’s own past is not entirely clear but we can assume it’s fairly tragic.

Unhappy presents all of this in happy-go-lucky watercolors, brightly-colored characters and a ho-hum happy recorder soundtrack. The juxtaposition is obvious and it works pretty well.

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However, as much of a smile Unhappy gave me, it never quite made me laugh. The intentional slowness of it all, and the lack of true shock value in the first half, it feels too safe.

Cutesy animals cutely biting cute girls with over the top blood but no meaningful consequences is not really different from cute clumsy girls dropping pies and being flustered about boys in other run of the mill slice-o-life shows. So I’ll have to see where it goes next episode before I commit to watching the whole season.


Bungou Stray Dogs – 01 (First Impressions)

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Nakajima Atsushi, recently chased out of an orphanage and about to die from starvation has finally come to realize he must turn to crime if he is to survive. He WILL rush the next person he sees and take everything they’ve got.

The first person he sees zips past on a motorcycle, followed by a company of marching soldiers, followed by a body floating down the river. Resigning himself, Atsushi-kun dives in after the drowning man and begins his adventure!

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As it turns out, that drawing man is suicide-hobbyist Dazai, a member of the Armed Detective Agency, who’s shirking work and ticking off his partner Kunikida-kun, who materializes soon after.

Grudgingly, Kunikida pays for Atsushi’s meals but it is quickly revealed the detectives and the orphan have overlapping interest in a man-killing tiger that is causing trouble in the area and is most definitely not Atsushi himself.

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Later that night, Atsushi turns into a tiger in front of Dazai, who uses his own powers to safely immobilize the ignorant orphan and save the day. We meet the rest of the Detectives and they agree to add Atsushi to their ranks.

Roll…opening credits? Then Preview, then Roll closing credits!

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Bungou Stray Dogs succeeds in every way Sousei no Onmyouji fails: The render level and visual styling are not only solid, they pull off well timed jokes and present an emotional range for each character.

The characters themselves are likable and quirky. Even Kunikida-kun’s generic ‘Angry Uptight Dude’ fits visually within the world and, given Dazai’s entertainingly suicidal musings, you may even find his exasperation believable.

Supernatural team shows are a dime a dozen, but BSD does not disappoint. The rest of the cast and list of villains, which includes a Dracula, appears equally charming and quirky—but above all else, there’s no dour angst-bro in the driver’s seat here.

I’m looking forward to more of this and hope you have time to give it a look too!