Endride – 01 (First Impressions)


The gist: Asanaga-kun is your average, gem-obsessed high schooler from a near future earth who falls into an alternate universe one evening while trying to bring his workaholic father home for a birthday dinner.

Meanwhile, Prince-kun is trying to murder his foster father for killing his biological father, and former king, but fails and is thrown in the dungeon…


Asanaga-kun appears in the dungeon, learns about ‘Relic Swords’ that some people can summon from their chests with emotions, fights a beast man, and eventually ends up helping the prince escape.

In short, Endride is a hilarious run-on sentence of cliches, terrible pacing, bland character design and discount animation.


Endride’s pacing is mind-blowingly ill-conceived: Asa’s introduction is full of narrated school montages showing his friends and obsession with gems, interspersed with expositional scenes with his mother and gem store owner.

Meanwhile, Villain-sama and Prince-Kun exposition at each other, only for Endride to show us what they just talked about via flashback.

And don’t get me started on how drawn out the escape sequence is, with all its false starts and stops and meaningless fight sequences.


Asa's mom was an "archaeologist", which is why SHE knows so much about gem stones… (ugh)

Don’t get me wrong, I was laughing at this show all the way through. Asa is one of those protagonists with an IQ of 75. He’s constantly asking stupid questions and adds literally nothing to any scene.

His character design, which includes a hard to see shoulder bag that he even wears to dinner, is exactly what my dad thought ‘cool teens’ would wear in the 90s.

Meanwhile, Villain-sama’s Relic looks like serrated folding chair and Prince-kun has a hooked knife with a pony in the handle…which I don’t even understand why he’s using since he also has a Relic. Absolutely none of the visual styling looks good or makes any sense at all.


The dialog is terrible, the animation is cheap and Endride’s first episode spent so much time over explaining the basic details that it crowded out a sense of the world.

Verdict: Endride is so bad it is funny but, in a season with so many good shows already, that isn’t a good enough reason to watch it.


3 thoughts on “Endride – 01 (First Impressions)”

  1. I watched ten minutes of Endride and ditched it on the spot. You forgot to mention the 1980’s style Star Wars/Indiana Jones-ish ‘epic’ soundtrack! It came across as a conglomeration of epic musical cliches, and was so bad I thought, it almost kept me watching. But no, the whole plot just screamed dumb, dumb, dumb with no hook to excite further interest.

    1. Oh god so true… and the 90’s style ‘future cell phones’ that look less practical than a cheap Samsung today. Why is this thing so dated feeling?

      1. Didn’t watch this, but big square flip phones are still pretty popular in Japan.

        Texting in kana with a numeric keypad seems like a major hassle, but there’s something satisfying about the phone snapping open and closed that a smartphone just can’t offer.

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