Pan de Peace! – 01 (First Impressions)

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First Day of High School-chan notices another girl has bread keychain tchotchkes and immediately becomes friends. Then that girls friend joins them and they all agree to be bread friends and promise to teach each other how to make bread and go to the bakery.

…Roll credits.

There are generally two types of short format shows: a series of micro episodes and a series of small slices that feel like they are cut from a single full length episode. For better or worse, Pan de Peace! (Bread of Peace) already feels like the latter.

I’d jokingly assumed the bread friends was a eye-rolling pun about lesbianism (the girls are all very touchy-feely) but there’s so little content here, I have no idea what the point is, if there is a point at all. PnP is harmless either way.


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