GATE – 24 (Fin)


Rescuing Pina and the Emperor from Zolzal felt like a couple of loose ends to tie up, since there was never any doubt about Itami, reunited with his original Recon Team and his girls, were going to be successful. This, the final episode, seems to understand this, and doesn’t draw out the rescue needlessly, but has fun with the relative ease of the operation.


Basically, Itami has Rory, Lelei, Tuka, Yao, and his team, which makes him all but invincible. All he has to do is talk when they enter the throne room. Zolzal sics a particularly ill-fated ogre on them, but Rory and Lelei dispatch it with ease—did Zolzal forget these guys brought down a Fire Dragon? 

His meager guards, who don’t particularly want to mistreat Pina or fight Rory the Reaper, are absolutely no match. Zolzal doesn’t try going out in a blaze of glory—he’s too much of a coward. Itami plays with his fear by adding paranoia to his problems: pointing a sniper at him, telling him he’ll be watched from now on.


The conditions Itami gives him for not getting a bullet in the head are simple and non-negotiable: Pina goes with him; the emperor too; and Lelei’s assassins are called off. All Zolzal can do is accept, bitter as he is, he’s powerless here, and it’s particularly satisfying to watch (though I was kinda hoping he’d resist a little more so Kuribayashi could have at him).

After that, all Itami & Co. have to do is get out of the palace and city walls before they’re all closed, and this too proves not very difficult, thanks to the speed of their vehicles and a helping hand from a friend with a LAV, a bazooka, and a mined entrance that blows behind them, taking out all horsebound pursuers. Mission Complete.


Pina, who clearly likes her shining knight Itami but isn’t too overt about it (note how she got self-conscious about her skimpy burlap shift when he showed up), but she also has bigger matters than romance. Her father wakes up, not the worse for wear, and declares her crown princess, giving her the mandate to steer the empire where she will, whether towards peace or to civil war with her brother.

It would have been nice if Itami’s crew had, you know, captured the leader of a potential resistance against the legitimate government, but they leave Zolzal alone, which was the one problem I had with the operation, considering how easily they could have taken him into custody/killed him.

But that’s no big deal; whatever he scrounges up won’t be any more of a match against the SDF-backed pro-peace faction than the Special Region ever was against the might of the modern Japanese military.

As for Tyuule, we see she’s not crazy after all; just unfulfilled. She suffered and schemed so mightily and actually got the empire to fracture, and yet tears fall from her face. I guess it wasn’t quite worth it.


With that, we have a nice little crowning ceremony for Pina, after which all of the various guys show off their new girlfriends / lovers / caretakers / fiancees, to Kuribayashi’s shock and Shandy’s envy.

Itami doesn’t attend that ceremony, because he’s done enough, and now he just wants to go to the doujinshi convention in Tokyo, putting his hobby ahead of his work as usual. I like how he places equal importance on his affairs in otakudom than he did with all the various adventures in the Special Region.

But it isn’t long before his three girls track him down, all with their own Tokyo plans for him. The masses notice these idols and crowd around them in adoration, and a cop sneaks them off in his squad car, even though Itami doesn’t want to leave the convention.

And there you have it, a usually lush and diverting story of our world connected to another one, where the JSDF fought, and fought well.


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Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

4 thoughts on “GATE – 24 (Fin)”

  1. JSDF was a fun colorful romp. An enjoyable show overall. It doesn’t break any bounds or do anything special, but it provided cute girls, action, and humor. There was even the occasional splash of drama. Extra points for Rory Mercury though. She just gets me every time damit. I can’t help it haha.

    And one more show ends! Winter is ending. It’s time for next season.

  2. A nice closing. Still with a few loose ends like the eventual fate of Zolzal and his followers, whether the Empire will end up in civil war or be united under Piña, and of course Diabo’s scheme of having other countries getting involve in the conflict, but still the series ended nicely as it did. I for one felt very satisfied with this show.

  3. I enjoyed Gate also. It kept a nice balance of humour/action/drama, and didn’t overdo plot development. Gate also didn’t introduce more characters than were necessary, or get lost in minor characters’ backstories. It made the wise choice to keep the story lines tight and relatively focused throughout both series, which meant the audience never had to struggle to remember who was who in arcane plot lines. It also kept it’s pro-military agenda under relatively firm control and was content to take the odd swipe at ‘weak’ politicians and emphasizing the humanity of the JSDF’s mission. I found that mostly unobtrusive and didn’t detract much from the enjoyment of the show. I’m hoping for a third series as there is still the opportunity to develop interesting story lines ‘beyond the gate’, plus I believe merchandise and related material has had healthy sales (Thanks in part to the eye-catching Ms Mercury), which hopefully will persuade the producers and networks to let Itami loose in the Empire once again.

    A sure sign I’ve really enjoyed a show is if I feel slightly sad at it’s end and that’s how I felt about the end of Gate. :)

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