GATE – 23


The last couple of weeks of foot-shuffling was almost worth the wait: this was an adrenaline-pumping powerhouse packed with some proper SDF domination over the Special Region’s painfully outmatched military, and I daresay it’s the best presentation of pure righteous spectacle since the showdown with the Fire Dragon, which feels like ages ago.


What added to the satisfaction of what was really just a rescue op for the civilians and doves was the intense preparation and precision involved. The SDF officers men have trained for all of this, and now they finally get to show their stuff.

This is less about who’s going to win (obviously, it’s the JSDF in a rout on every single front), and more about the deep pride the SDF shows in everything they do, no matter how pathetic the foe, they exercise the utmost professionalism and efficiency in their work.

The comprehensiveness and abruptness of the SDF’s assault throws Zolzal off balance, but Tyuule is always right behind him to say—in not so many words as to tip him off as to her true goal—he’s dug his grave and now he has to lie in it. She makes sure he understands no matter what happens, he can’t leave this place, or the Empire will fall.


Itami & Co. are in transit, and miss the big show, but the other forces get the job done, quickly routing the army beseiging the Jade Palace and rescuing the civvies, doves, and Rose Knights without any trouble.

Their swift and forceful efforts have left Zolzal looking weak and kept the possibility of peace alive, all before Zolzal even knows where to send his men (also sending the royal palace guards, leaving himself mighty exposed should Tyuule get stabby).


However, as Tyuule remarks after Zolzal’s underlings give a very sobering report on their defeat, they still have a significant trump card, and that’s Princess Pina. Bozes knows she’s being imprisoned there, and races off to try to rescue her single-handedly, a highly questionable course of action that exposes Bozes’ lack of experience in this kind of thing.

Luckily for her, Beefeater followed her, and when Bozes’ horse takes an arrow, Beefeater carries her on hers as they flee the charging army. They’re spotted by one of the SDF unit commanders (who is sticking around until the officially sanctioned end of the operation, just in case), who take out all of their pursuers and bring them aboard their helicopters.

Now everyone is safe but Pina, who doesn’t seem to have been sexually assaulted by anyone, but is still not used to being imprisoned, and is starting to panic over the fact she may have been left in that cell to die. Of course, she’s still very much alive for the moment, as Itami, the only man who can save her approaches the capital.


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Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

3 thoughts on “GATE – 23”

  1. Hm, I’m sure if the JSDF knew about Pina’s situation, they could have factored her rescue into their plan. Unfortunately they only had Bozes’s vague suspicions to go on. She seems 100% sure Pina’s in trouble, but I don’t think Pina’s imprisonment was made public.

    I’m interested in seeing how Itami infiltrates the prison though. He may not have a full platoon, but his current team is one heck of a force. It should be an interesting finale.

  2. Piña is in reality still a sheltered princess. She mostly hasn’t seen action and probably has not killed anyone, and has been more of political player than a warrior of late. Her Rose Knights were formed out of whim and merely served as a token force, but unlike Piña it is composed of people who have some experience in fighting and warfare. So it’s only natural that she acts frightened and not used to actual suffering and horrific realities in spite of the brave front she seems to boast at times.

    I’m thinking things will get ridiculously convenient for Itami and the girls in their rescue of Piña next week. Even with superior training and equipment, and the element of surprise the JSDF, assigned to rescue the diplomats and pro-peace nobles, were not prepared to take on the entire Empire forces in the capital, what more for a small ragtag team? I can’t wait to see how that will turns out.

  3. I think every RPG/Fantasy anime should have a girl named Beefeater in it somewhere.

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