GATE – 21


Pina’s Rose Knights fight, bleed and die, but ultimately prevail against the initial force of Gimlet’s cleaners, seeing as how the latter aren’t equipped with plate armor and aren’t exactly great fighters. Sherry, wasting no time demonstrating what a badass she is, stands and watches with unblinking eyes the violence and death she knows is of her making (though I wish she and Sugawara had retrieted within the Palace, lest, say, a stray arrow find one of them).

The knights managed to keep Oprichnina at bay and protect the embassy this time, but a bigger, tougher force will show up eventually, and they’re going to be woefully outnumbered. This leads the officials responsible for the diplomats’ safety to beseech a minister for authorization to rescue them, along with the pro-peace refugees.


The civilian politician is, well, like pretty much every civilian politician in GATE: a weak weeny who is waffling about doing the right thing because he’s too concerned about his own career and upcoming elections.

He has reason to worry: Alnus is full of press and military officials from all over, and he doesn’t want to look weak. As if the waffling politician weren’t enough, we also have a self-important journalist who has a low opinion of the noble SDF, and makes no bones about his journalism not being totally objective, since at the end of the day it’s a business.


Meanwhile in Rondel, assassins make another attempt on the lives of Lelei & Co., only they are foiled by Itami’s stuffed beds and a flash grenade. The assassins are far from pros, but they are representative of the M.O. of someone called the “Pied Piper”, who exploits those who are easy to convince of huge plots and conspiracies and lies; in this case, young inn employees were told Lelei & Co. were impostors and murderers.

The key, then, to stopping these attempts on Lelei’s life is to figure out who this Pied Piper is and take him out. At the same time, Rondel has learned through recent messenger of Team Itami’s exploits with the Fire Dragon. In particular, Lelei is lauded as the one who finished it off, furthering the Imperial position that a human and Imperial citizen get the lion’s share of credit for the feat, which doesn’t sit right with Lelei (her word for it is “nasty”).


Because the Jade Palace-protecting Rose Knights are under Pina’s command, it isn’t long before Zolzal “kindly requests” that she order them to stand down, promising no harm will come to the diplomats (but making no such promises for Casel or Sherry). Naturally, Pina refuses, and attempts to set off for the Palace to see what’s what, but then, in the least surprising move yet by the Acting Emperor, he places Pina under arrest. Frankly, Pina should have sneaked out of the Capital ages ago.

With a force of Imperial regular army—the Rose Knights’ own comrades—over one thousand strong at the Palace gates, the situation is about to explode. So it’s a relief that the civilian minister finally gives the go-ahead for a rescue mission.

Like Sugawara last week, his professional training gives way to his humanity, and he makes the better of two bad choices. There were going to be consequences either way, but at least this way he won’t be sitting back and twiddling his thumbs while his diplomats are slaughtered, along with what’s left of the pro-peace movement.


Author: braverade

Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

2 thoughts on “GATE – 21”

  1. I like how things are developing (and seems a great deviation from the manga version), but one thing bothers me. What happened to Lelei’s sister? I wanted her to be part of the gang but for some reason she seem to just vanished and her presence is forgotten.

    Real world media is like that freelance journalist, always looking for negative scoops, for bad news always sells. I bet ya he’s going to have a field trip with the situation at the Jade Palace situation when the JSDF finally intervenes.

    As for Piña, while it would have been logical for her to have left a long time ago doing so would have painted her as traitorous element early on and would have jeopardize the Japanese diplomats’ safety. I really don’t like the sound of the preview of next week’s episode and really hate Zolzal, Tyuule, and all their flunkies for it. I’m not sure anymore if Tyuule is doing the things she is doing to have revenge on the Empire or if she has finally gone along with Zolzal’s crazy schemes..

    1. Oh, I’m not arguing there aren’t journalists exactly like this guy, just that as usual he’s portrayed in the most negative light possible relative to the SDF, which the show continues to portray as honorable, infallible heroes whose only problem is an opportunistic (civilian) leadership that lacks balls, necessitating constant breaches in the chain of command.

      That may actually all be true, by the way! But it doesn’t need be constantly drilled in our heads—SDF Good! Everyone Else Bad!—and it’s a bit of a cheap dig that this one guy represents all of the media.

      You’re right about Pina; like Sugawara and the minister back in Japan, she had no good choices. Zolzal would have marked her as a traitor no matter what she chose to do, the difference is in the timing of that announcement. Perhaps by staying she did herself no favors in terms of now being captive, but she probably bought precious time for the Jade Palace.

      I too worry that Tyuule’s long game has grown so long, perhaps she’s lost the plot. Her frequent goofy smirks suggest (in anime visual langugage) she’s not working with a full deck of cards, and who knows, maybe she’s enjoying the power she has over everyone so much, she’s simply in no hurry to bring the guillotine down on Zolzal.

      In any case, all hopes Tyuule might be some kind of indirect ally to the Japanese or SDF is in tatters. What she wants is for the entire Empire to burn, not matter the collateral cost. Meanwhile Pina doesn’t want her brother dead; she just doesn’t want him ruling because he lacks the temperament and judgment, and because a dead Zolzal won’t bring about peace. Tyuule is an agent of chaos.

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