Norn9: Norn + Nonet – 03


Norn9 continues to hook me with its gorgeous aesthetic, but man, it’s men are jerks! Well, around half of them are; the others are twerps. I think the only guys still unmarked by assholishness are Heishi and Masamune. Mikoto and Sakuya have some kind of past with each other, but I don’t see how she’s been able to stand most of the rest. Poor Koharu is entirely at the mercy Kakeru’s whims; he can joke and mess around with her all he likes, but when she so much as tries to rub dirt off his ear, he slaps her away as if rebuking his chattel. Jerk!


Even lunch has to devolve into a childish confrontation, when Nanami gets lambasted for her apparently subpar shiruken onigiri. Akito puts her hands on her and tells her she’s so quick to toss her food, she shouldn’t make it to begin with. He at least shows a little heart by no throwing the food out after taking it from her, but still…Jerk!

Oh, and there’s Future Boy, who’s apparently a big smartypants, who is poring through the ship’s library trying to learn as much as possible about in order to get back to Tokyo. However, when he sees a glowing ethereal girl, he gets a strange nostalgic feeling, complete with a flash of her embracing him somewhere.

Okay, Future Boy isn’t really a jerk, but as curious as his predicament is, the show was overstuffed with characters before he showed up.

Kakeru finally apologizes to Koharu for slapping her hand away from his ear, and offers an explanation: it’s all he has left of his father, who was murdered. Work on not being a jerk, Kakeru.


This somewhat disjointed episode ends with another confrontation with Akito, being a total jerk to Nanami, whom he believe suspects him of being the “inside perpetrator.” The entire reasons he thinks she partnered with him was so that she could one day turn him in to The World and be rewarded. But he, in his jerkishness, is mistaken about that.

Nanami, in fact, is aware Akito has no special ability, but is willing to protect him. To his protests and veiled threats she responds by demanding he kill her here and now rather than draw it out any longer; but he doesn’t want to kill her.

Even when a gust of wind and the whimsical lack of railings on the Norn almost sends Nanami plummeting to her death, Akito can’t help but grab her hand, even when she gives up. It’s clear then; Nanami intends for them to live together or die together. Maybe he’ll be less of a jerk to her?

Sorry for the flippantness…but I decided to watch one more episode, which demonstrated that this show has the ability to both pull me in with its pretty world and intriguing personal mysteries, and push me away with some of its more erratic and/or abrasive characters.

I’m think I’m going to let the latter motion win out and stay pushed away from Norn9. It’s probably for the best.


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Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

2 thoughts on “Norn9: Norn + Nonet – 03”

  1. This is kind of an odd review. It’s GLARINGLY OBVIOUS that most of the guys have reasons. Anime reasons, to be sure, which are rarely all that good, but they’re what we have. Nanami obviously did something to earn Akito’s ire, something she fully believes to be her fault and presumably has something to do with her power which she vehemently refused to talk about in the last episode. Akito’s not mean to her because he’s a jerk, he’s mean to her because, for some reason we don’t know yet, he hates her.

    And Kakeru’s messing with Koharu is weird not because messing around is bad, but because none of his jokes should work unless Koharu has brain damage. She apparently honestly believed he might be a girl. She’s a moron. The ear thing was a bit much, but he apologized quickly and it wasn’t something that he went off about, he snapped a bit and recovered quickly.

    I’m not really defending the show as a whole. It’s pretty, but vapid like most otome things, but this review is weirdly accusatory.

    1. This is fair. But keep in mind I am cutting bait on this show, and struggled (but still tried) to write something other than one sentence proclaiming “I’m dropping this show, because it’s vapid” in order to justify the drop.

      So I chose to focus on the guys acting like jerks, here and now. Even if they have very good reasons to act like jerks, I don’t know what they are, which is frustrating, and I’m not hanging around to find out, even though a part of me wants to!

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