Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai – 12 (Fin)


With all the emotional groundwork laid, all this episode has to do is flick the domino and watch them cascade, in a finale that levels up its core duo, gets them to overcome their respective “will-blocks”, and makes some interesting connections on the side while tying up loose ends.

Takeru has been stabbed by Haunted, but Ootori doesn’t hesitate to fight him, even deciding to form a contract with Vlad, something she swore she wouldn’t do until it came time to carry out her revenge. Ironically, had she done it for that reason, Vlad assures her he would have eaten her alive.


Instead, she’s doing this for Takeru, her captain and her friend, and his beloved sister. It’s a nobler cause, and Vlad equips her accordingly. Like Takeru and Haunted, Ootori gets to don her badass relic eater armor, with which she’s able to push Haunted back and retrieve Takeru. The other three arrive in a van to pick them up.


With Takeru healed but still out cold for some reason, all the girls can do is fight back Kisek’s overflowing demon mass. Takeru, meanwhile, is in his subconscious with Lapis, who wants him to give himself body and soul so that she can best achieve all his desires. With this, Lapis kisses Takeru, the first overtly romantic act undertaken by the relic eater—albeit only in his mind.

With that, Takeru is now in God Hunter Mode. He drains all of Ootori’s energy, then tells her he may not be able to walk beside her anymore, and asks the others to hang back too, as there’s no time to explain. Takeru is preparing for the worst case scenario in which he dies trying to fulfill his wishes regarding Kiseki. And no one will argue that no one else can stand up against the raging Kiseki.


Turns out his wishes aren’t to kill Kiseki and die with her. For all these years he’s been conflicted between kill and protect, but now what he wants is the latter, no matter what it may cost. And because of his deepened contract with Lapis, he’s able to not only overpower Haunted and get him out of the picture, but convince his sister with his sheer resolve to start questioning herself whether she truly wants to die, and discovers that’s just one of the hundreds of demon voices speaking for her. Ideally, she wants to live too.


The wavering weakens and eventually dissolves the overflow mass, and Takeru pulls her out of the mess, safe and sound. The road ahead will be tough, but the two have now decided together that they’ll walk it nonetheless instead of taking the “easy way out”, mutual destruction. And they won’t be alone on that road; turns out Takeru and Ootori will be able to walk it together, along with Suginami, Mari, and Usagi.

Speaking of names, Orochi’s last name is Kusanagi, suggesting a relation to Takeru, while the chairman of Valhalla is another, even quirkier Suginami. Finally, that little blue-haired elf girl Suginami saved back at Alchemist turns out to be Kanaria, another Valhalla member. All these connections hint that a sequel is feasible, even if none is promised. Honestly I’d tune in, if only to experience more of its awesome soundtrack.


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2 thoughts on “Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai – 12 (Fin)”

  1. Unfortunately they’ve burned most of the plot bridges that would make a sequel possible, compared to the novels.

  2. A well constructed and exciting ending to a very competent show I thought. I’d definitely like to see a sequel now that Takeru has taken his power up a few levels by merging with Lapis. The ultimate fight with Haunted delivered on the action and our key villain escaped finally to fight another day. Ootori too goes up a notch or two, both in terms of power with her pact with Vlad this episode, but also as a character following her confession to Takeru last week. She has been an interesting and attractive support character all through the series I thought. My only gripe this episode was that Kiseki’s devilish manna goo (“The Hundred Devils”) wasn’t particularly threatening – it just looked like goo with eyes as it squelched its way around town consuming the odd unfortunate passer-by, occasionally moaning and demanding in it’s hundred voices. Sure it was a reflection of Kiseki’s psychic confusion but they could have made it more threatening perhaps.

    Its always good to see a series come to a well put together conclusion like 35 Shiken Shoutai has. It kept the denouement interesting and unpredictable and introduced further characters both integral to this episode, but who could also point to directions for a sequel, should one ever get made.

    Overall I enjoyed 35 Shiken Shoutai which was for me something of a highlight in what I thought was a relatively dull season of new shows.

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