Owarimonogatari – 09


After escaping the trap of the snail by going over the rooftops, Koyomi and Kanbaru encounter a crab-monkey hybrid. Once they deal with it (and as a fellow left-hander I feel for Kanbaru mixing up directions), snakes emerge, which Shinobu grabs, then lends Kokoro-watari to Koyomi to finish the demi-apparition off. All of the animals that afflicted Koyomi’s girls are coming back, and all seemingly in service of the samurai.


After lying under Shinobu as she swings—revealing a small sticker with Gaen’s location, the shrine—Koyomi heads there with Kanbaru and Shinobu. When Koyomi describes what the samurai was after (and imitates his laugh all too perfectly, another clue as to who he is), Shinobu is incredulous. The minion she created, from whom she took Kokoro-watari…she watched him burn up in the sun and die 400 years ago.


He can’t be back, she insists; This is all some kind of lie or trick. But when they meet up with Gaen Izuko (introducing herself as Oshino Izuko to Kanbaru and Shinobu, who seem to buy it), and Koyomi tells her everything that happened, Izuko disputes Shinobu’s assertion the first minion is dead.


While her scenes are primarily exposition, she inhabits a variety of interesting environments as she provides it, eventually whipping out “game pieces” of all the Monogatari characters. She makes connections between the first minion and Koyomi, the second minion, and describes coincidences that weren’t coincidences, like the fact that the first five animal apparitions infected five of his female friends, and later phoenixes and cats and tigers.


She then takes things all the way back to four centuries ago, glossing over Shinobu’s story (because Shinobu already told it, and beautifully so) and focusing on the first minion, who became so after Shinobu drank his blood. He came to loathe what he had become, but that loathing couldn’t change the fact that his immortality was such that even burning up in the sun would not kill him, only disperse him into a cloud of ash.

Over 400 years, exposed to the elements and through trial-and-error, the first minion resurrected, not necessarily because he wanted to but because that’s just what happened. And the final reveal, that the minion was finally successful in coalescing fifteen years ago, leads us to wonder if he’s someone Koyomi already knows…the fifteen-year-old Oshino Ougi, for instance.


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5 thoughts on “Owarimonogatari – 09”

  1. I don’t think that’s right… Araragi is 18, not 15. Gaen is explaining some sort of connection sure but I don’t think it’ll be anything that close.

    1. Yes, I realized that; forgot Koyomi is 18, not 15.
      Than I thought: who IS 15, and a first-year, has dark hair, and is a little strange?

      Oshino Ougi.

      1. Now that’s interesting even though it goes against my pet theory that Ougi is a kaii Koyomi created. Although she’s not someone Koyomi already knows – this is months before she first shows up. So if the way they will deal with the samurai leaves room for him to show up as Ougi later… I don’t know, maybe. I guess my only complaint would be that I can’t imagine a samurai from 400 years ago acting the way Ougi does.

      2. Haha, that’s right he hasn’t yet met Ougi, has he? There are times I wish the Monogatari series had simply aired in chronological order :)

        Ougi could yet work if this arc jumps ahead a few months, as other arcs have done in the past.

        If the show comes up with somebody I’m not even thinking about, so much the better; I like surprises.

  2. I find it kind of funny that whenever someone is in need of an identity, they just relate themselves to Oshino.

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