Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai – 08


Despite how improbable it looked at the end of last week, Takeru (and Ikaruga’s) chastity survives this episode, as her sister is early to pick her up. Before she says “bye-bye” (never a good thing for her) once more, she injects him with a muscle relaxant, telling him not to follow her because she loves him.

She may claim to know nothing about love or romance, but the fact she’s making this deal to protect Takeru and the others is a clear sign she’s evolved beyond the limitations of the design Alchemist intended. She’s gone from making weapons to sacrificing herself to save her new family.


Naturally, as soon as Takeru gets the use of his legs back, and the girls get their freedom (and clothes) back, he immediately sets about defying Suginami’s wishes not to follow her. The 35th aren’t going to heed her desire to handle things herself, not if there’s a possibility they could lose her.

There’s a lot of great stuff here: Ootori and Mari, usually at each other’s throats, are still able to fight together when push comes to shove. As for Usagi, she convinces Ootori that it doesn’t matter how dark or dastardly Suginami’s past was, or what she intends to do. All Usagi wants is to bring the Suginami the loves back. 

And while yes, Takeru finally makes Lapis blush by praising her, Lapis quickly changes the subject as the platoon heroically deploys to rescue Ikaruga, all to a thumping techno track that really got me fired up for the battle.


At Alchemist, Ikaruga reveals to Isuka her true intentions: to ensure the Elves are never resurrected, and to do what she should have done four years ago: get her sister the hell out of there. Isuka says she doesn’t want to leave, but she’s had modifications made to her that causes pain whenever she expresses emotions, so she’s not in a condition to think clearly.

She also shoots Ikaruga in the leg, which convinces her sister to use the nanomachines she’s implanted in herself to transform into some kind of Demon-Ikaruga who can wield antimatter. That’s a lot to swallow all at once, but then again Ikaruga is a pretty smart cookie, so fine.


At any rate, she gradually wears Isuka down into admitting she feels something for her sister. Unfortunately, that’s just when Haunted decides to break up the sisterly chat and bury his arm into Isuka, a blow that turns out to be fatal. All along, Isuka had only been his pawn, and now that she’s of no further use to him, he wants to recruit Ikaruga. Her response is very appropriate: a hearty Go To Hell and a bullet to the head.


Haunted exits stage right, but leaves a cyberdragon to deal with the platoon. He should have summoned a pair, because with Usagi at the controls of a railgun, Ootori watching Takeru’s back, and Mari replenishing Takeru’s mana when he runs out of his own, the gang is just able to take the dragon out and save Suginami.


I say just, because Takeru risks everything on the hope one big final blow using all of the mana Mari gave him would be enough to defeat the one dragon. I like that despite the clear skills and teamwork the platoon possesses, they only win by the skin of their teeth. Of course, they were fighting one comrade short.

When the battle is over, the gang can relax, to the pont Mari gloats about saving everyone with her last minute mana infusion, to which Ootori calls her a “fuel tank”…which is a pretty creative insult. As usual, Suginami and Takeru stay above the fray, though she’s glad to be among them once more witnessing said fray.

And despite her earlier assertion she would not fall for Takeru’s smooth words, Sugi does succomb to a comforting head pat and a request that she talk to her friends in the future when she has a problem. She points out that not all girls like having their head patted, but tells him to keep doing it anyway. It’s not intercourse, but right then and there, it’s plenty.

As next week’s episode is titled “Crazy Summer Time”, I’ll be supremely shocked if the girls aren’t in swimsuits for at good part of it.


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Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

7 thoughts on “Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai – 08”

  1. I’m not to sure if I agree with this 9. While the episode was by no means bad, I don’t think it excelled in any particular area (except maybe for the soundtrack). The reconciliation between the sisters was okay, but not only did Isuka die, she died before even having the emotion modification removed. I feel like the show didn’t fully flesh out Isuka’s character before killing her off making her death less impactful. Also, with all of the battles that happened so far, I feel like we are only getting fragments of the original material. While the situation with Takeru running out of power seemed hopeless, what happened to the other 2/5 shots that Usagi was supposed to have with that rail gun she started controlling out of nowhere? Also, in the fight with Reima in the Usagi ark, Reima was using an armour-type relic eater and never used any of its abilities.

    1. All fair points; thanks for them. I briefly wavered with whether to give this ep an 8 or 9, but ultimately went with my gut as I found the episode especially fun and satisfying. At some point I switched off my brain and simply enjoyed the ride, and I think the excellent soundtrack had an important, possibly intentional role in that.

      By the time Takeru had one final blow with all his mana in it, I’d forgotten about Usagi’s remaining shots; call it the ref not seeing the foul. For me, it was more about the platoon working together to get Ikaruga out of her spot. It felt like their toughest challenge to date, but they succeeded.

      I will say in hindsight, however, that Isuka’s fate left something to be desired, though it could be said Ikaruga ultimately did “free” her sister from the drudgery of Alchemist/Valhalla. At the time, though, I was swept up enough in the action of the climax not to be that bothered by it.

      Since I’m not familiar with the source material, there’s nothing being left out from my perspective, though readers’ frustration with the adaptation may well be a reason for its MAL rating – a surprisngly low (to me) 7.16 as I write this.

  2. I enjoyed this episode and am happy with the nine as a rating of the episode as a stand alone production. Critiques of anime based on manga material I find irritating as anime is not the manga but separate with its own production priorities and values. Okay – rant off…

    I enjoyed Takeru’s commitment to this fight. He is a character who really does give his all to defeat evil and protect his friends. I thought Isuka was always slated to die. Less strong than her sister, she made her choice and became a puppet of Alchemist and Valhalla, but she had become useless to them, and her failure to join her sister and her subservience to evil in the name of research meant that a serious consequence was coming her way. Of course the satisfyingly evil Haunted was there to deliver it. It is going to be one hell of a fight when Haunted is cornered for the show down of this series I suspect. I also enjoyed The Director’s casual stroll through the battle field letting off Innocentius when he needed (Hmm I wonder what Styl Magnus thinks of that?) – that was fun. The musical editing this week was a standout with a strong soundtrack (as pointed out above) that really complemented and was well mixed with the action. That dragon was a nice piece of design too I thought.

    My one question was where did Usagi get a railgun from? The Director’s limo?

    I’m now wondering what kind of dastardly challenge will prevent the platoon from enjoying their summer idyll next week?

    1. My critique on the anime wasn’t that the anime didn’t follow the original material, but that there were clear holes in the story telling for the anime. Just to be clear, I haven’t read the original material for this, nor do I know if the original is a LN or manga. I have read both the LN and manga for Rakudai, and I can say for sure that the anime made changes to suit their platform, but the story was coherent. For this series, there are just a few minuscule holes in the story telling that are only made apparent because everything else was done so well (stuff like the whole thing with the railgun).
      With respect

      1. With respect to Isuka, it wasn’t as much that she died, but more that her death wasn’t as impactful as it should have been. Off the top of my head, Akame ga Kill had quite a few deaths that felt way more impactful. For me, it felt like Isuka was only killed off because the story didn’t need her anymore. She wasn’t fully utilized as a character as much as she was just a plot device for Sugi’s ark.

        This critique is for why I thought this episode deserved an 8. 8 is still a great mark and ties it up with Rakkudai this week which also had a great episode. It also puts it above Asterisk’s episode this week which it rightfully deserves. Looking at the big board, all the other shows that pulled off a 9 put some major work in and a lot of 8s were also really good.

      2. HI There. I wasn’t having a rant about your post specifically in my post. Its just something I see all over anime criticism that ticks me off a little.
        With Respect too.

      3. Its fine, I made my reply after realizing my wording wasn’t all too great. It gave me a chance to expand on my own thoughts. Its true that anime, manga, and LN all have their own strengths as platforms and that directly copying the original material won’t guarantee an anime will be good.

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